A.I.M.'s Mentor App ///ACCEPTED///

Discord Name:0nemore
Wiki User: Depends on if I have time to write parts of it? Is that the question here?
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): https://gyazo.com/c1d8417b64677d735146421f7b8f2c89
Experience with NSV mechanics: I’d say sufficient, I can work all departments well!
Why do you want to be a mentor: Because NSV is going 24/7, love it here, I hate seeing new peeps ghost/DC after joining because they are unused to the game and find it threatening. It also gives me something to do with my ghosting time!

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off:
First, flip the APU, Fuel Injector, and Battery switches, you can now leave the fighter if you want, and start filling up the fuel or whatever you need to do, then once the RPM is full, wait for the command to ignite and off you go!

#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?:
To start construction, obtain casing through cargo(or more commonly build it with steel plates). Components: Propulsion, Guidance, IFF. Then a warhead(AP, normal, CM). Assemble with wrench screwdriver wires and welding tool!

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
For NSV in particular? Depends on what you want to get into, I see four different paths on NSV which are specific to NSV, you have your fighter pilots, bridge crew, engineering department, and (obviously) Munitions! But most of these are hard to start with, I’d suggest Munitions Techie, since its a popular dpt. and probably have people who want to help you, or I’d go cargo techie, learn what the station needs, and what munitions needs to be supplied with.

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
A good entry role as always, Cargo Techie, or Scientist, Cargo techie is simple, and if you don’t do Science properly, it won’t really impact the station that much(unless it’s toxins)

#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?:
Nope, you do ID changes but you are also in charge of the squads all non essential members (plus engis and FL for some reason) are split into, you are also probably going to be needed at the bridge alot, maybe your captain isn’t in fit condition, or you’re missing a bridgie.

#6 What is the difference between a Railgun and a Mac cannon?
The Co-axial railgun is the only weapon not controlled by the Tactical Systems console and rather by the pilot, it can only fire forwards and can hold 4 shots unlike the MAC’s one shell capacity. The MAC however can fire in 360 coverage and is controlled by the TAC console.

#7 What is the difference between flying a regular fighter and flying the main ship?
Now, flying a fighter I find is harder than the main ship, to fly a fighter you’re looking more to dodge the shots, and to keep at a high speed while not losing control, tailing the bombers and harrassing the lone ships. The Main ship however, you are looking to control which armor segment you are engaging with, where you are engaging, and making sure all your weapons are loading while engaged, I find it more micromanage-ish when flying the main ship.

#8 How do you exit an AI shell?
AI tab, exit shell.

#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners:
Now, a good beginner mix is 25% of Constricted Plasma (The fuel) 50% Oxygen(Boosting power while letting you run at a low amount of fuel), and 25% N2/Nitrogen(Helps the rods keep control of the reaction rate and heat) Then run into atmos, find/fill a can of CO2 and stick it in the injection port/ make an injection port. This is your uh oh button. Next, set up a bypass for the fuel, and a manual lockdown of the fuel pipe between input and the CO2 input.
#10 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down:
Now once the storm drive starts the meltdown sequence, first thing you will notice is that if you put the rods down too far, it’ll start degrading at a rapid rate, now you want to set it at a medium insertion level, keep it in check while buying you time. Next, you should hit the fuel dump button(hopefully you didn’t use a volume pump bc that pumps in twice the amount of fuel) and rush down to the reactor, now if you followed my instructions above, you should be able to stop fuel from entering the reactor and the pipe section where the CO2 valve is held. Now, you should enable the bypass, and enable your magboots(reactor gets hungy and sucks everything in) and watch as all the left over fuel is sucked out by your volume pump into the waste tank/space. Then, you should enable the CO2 valve and turn on input to the reactor again, this will stop the reaction extremely quickly and efficiently, now rush back up to the control computer and push that rod all the way down.

Now let’s cover what happens if you CANT stop the reaction, perhaps there was too much fuel, or the fuel in the pipes bursts into flames and you didn’t add a bypass. You now need to prepare for what happens after the stormdrive blows, first things first, stick that rod all the way down, you can’t stop it, so buy that precious few seconds. Next, alert all IPCs and positronics to start CHUGGING IT to the other side of the ship, if they get hit by the EMP they are pretty much gone. Thirdly, evacuate the reactor chamber and block off engineering. Now you should be prepared for when it does go critical, when it does, a massive emp will be triggered, deleting any and all IPCs and destroying many electronics and lights. Now the most obvious course of action now is to call evac if it hasn’t been done so already. Or you can buy a new reactor core and attempt to repair it.

#11 What is your favorite color? Not Puce

Accepted, the mentor team agrees unanimously despite your disliking of Puce.