Aegis 2 preliminary naming vote

Hey gang, Community Manager Ansome here! As hopefully many of you are aware, one of our first maps, Aegis, is being remade by yours truly under the working name “Aegis 2”. As we are slowly nearing completion, a proper name for this vessel is needed. Typically the mapper dubs the ship, but if you know me, you know I enjoy throwing you lads a bone every so often. Below is a poll of names I have either come up with or collected from the community (even if I dislike a fair number of them personally), simply vote below on which name you like the most. For those who have not seen the Aegis 2, it is a version of the original Aegis that has been welded back together and retrofitted to be once again combat-ready, merging it with other ships as needed and tossing what isn’t into the newly made “underbelly” maintenance hold. Deck 1 where CIC and command are located are luxurious, whereas Deck 2 where most departments are is very grimey and industrial. The third level is entirely maintenance, full of deadly traps, monsters, loot, and secrets. If nothing else, consider the theme of “Classism” and you’ll be golden.

Do note this is not the final vote, this is a preliminary vote to rule out names unfitting for the ship. A final vote will be held in the future with a smaller listing.

  • NSV Rose
  • NSV Icarus
  • NSV Dutchman
  • NSV Czanek
  • NSV Ace
  • NSV Raven
  • NSV Argo
  • NSV Galt

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I’m gonna say it, this is pretty gamer

haha ship have funny man last name

@Ansome why don’t you make an announcement on the discord about this ya Wally?

The Argo is a nice name, and a nice reference to a space-y place where everything goes wrong…

Edit: For the record, I am putting this threat here. Ansome, if you do not make disposals mail functional I will rip your toenails out with pliers.


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