[Ansome] - SweeperOfTheSkies - LRP - //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: Alfred Reach
BYOND KEY: SweeperOfTheSkies
DATE OF BAN: 2020-10-17 23:46:17

REASON FOR BAN: General LRP behavior. Self-antagged as Warden by shooting at HOS and then shot themselves to death in medbay.
YOUR APPEAL: No excuses, no 4noraisins, i played SS13 after having been awake since 6 in the morning, spent a long day awake with no breaks, then got drunk in the evening, before playing various videogames before finally hopping onto NSV13, from there, things went to hell in a handbasket that ultimately culminated in shooting the HOS and committing suicide as the Warden, before i logged off since it was 1.5 hours past midnight and i really couldnt stay awake any longer.
This meant i couldnt be bwoinked and explain myself (not that i could have done much there either).

TL;DR invent breathalyzer for PCs, dont play and drink.
I am sorry.

I appreciate the honesty here, and hope it’s genuine. You’ve got a couple prior notes for murderbone, but overall they’re not extremely frequent, so I’m willing to give you another shot so long as you promise to not play drunk at 0130 again.

Edit: After consultation with the banning administrator we’ve agreed this will be reduced to a one week security ban effective immediately.