Blue89962's menton application ///ACCEPTED///

CKEY: blue89962
Discord Name: blue89962#1665
Wiki User: -
Living Playtime (OOC: View Tracked Playtime): 77h
Experience with NSV mechanics: Played a bit of everything, plus had quite a few of those Eclipse rounds where you build everything from scratch. Medical is the department where I have the most experience
Why do you want to be a mentor: love the server and I enjoy teaching people new roles, specially when I’m used to them

#1 Detail how you start a fighter and take off
In this order, turn on battery, fuel injector and APU. Wait until RPM hits 100% and press ignition
If the fighter is in the hangar, get in a tug, load the fighter into it and drop it near the magcat so it clunks
After that, make sure the brakes are off, ask the APC to launch you and go fly

#2 What parts does one need to start constructing a torpedo?:
casing, propulsion system, guidance system, IFF card, the warhead, and a set of tools

#3 What is a good entry role for those new to NSV?:
I usually recommend going with a service job to get a feel of how NSV rounds usually go. After that, cargo tech is definitely a good choice, specially when there is a quartermaster who is willing to show you around. I also sometimes recommend shaft miner to those who want to play as jobs that use ships, since you learn to fly big and small ones in it. Munitions tech is a good pick too, however it can be stressful sometimes, specially when you’re alone in the department

#4 What is a good entry role for those new to SS13?:
Janitor is always my recommendation for a new player; it’s simple to learn, doesn’t have any wacky mechanics and you can watch others do their jobs most of the time. After they get used to the basics, most service jobs and cargo tech are good picks

#5 Is an XO supposed to just act like a HoP?:
Yes and no. Both roles are responsible for handling access and job assignments, but the XO also has to handle squads, help the bridge sometimes, and if there is no captain present, take the post of acting captain

#6 What is the difference between a Railgun and a Mac cannon?
Railguns shoot a burst of four weaker shots, while a mac shoots a single powerful boom

#7 What is the difference between flying a regular fighter and flying the main ship?
The main difference is that you can fly a fighter alone but can’t fully control the main ship without help. Fighters are also faster and more agile, being able to strafe and whatnot.

#8 How do you exit an AI shell?
There is a button on the top left that takes you back to your core

#9 Detail a stormdrive setup for beginners
I am not a very good engineer, but I do know how to set it up so the station can at least have some power
1 - Go to the stormdrive computer and click maintenance mode to engage it
2 - Set up the particle accelerator. Wrench, wire, and screw all the parts, in that order. Check the console to see if it’s all set, click refresh a few times to make sure
3 - Find the crate with the control rods and add five to the stormdrive
4 - Go back to the computer and disengage maintenance mode
Now it involves atmos so it’s a little more complicated
5 - Go to atmospherics and find the tanks for oxygen, nitrogen, and plasma.
6 - Locate the constrictors thingies, turn them on, and turn on the pump from the plasma tank to them. In Hammerhead the constrictor pipe is purple if I remember correctly
7 - Locate the pipe that leads gases to the stormdrive, usually it’s the one the constrictors end up flowing to. Once again, in Hammerhead, it’s the orange one
8 - Using the gas mixers, make a mix of ~33% oxygen, ~33% nitrogen, and ~33% constricted plasma - do this by mixing 50% nitrogen and 50% oxygen, and then mixing 67% of it with 33% plasma - and turn on the pumps that take them to the stormdrive. Usually there is a mixing tank at some point in the path, use the computer to check if everything is correct. If that is the case, open the way for them to reach the stormdrive.
9 - On the way out, take a CO2 canister and wrench it the connector near the stormdrive. DO NOT OPEN THE PUMP!!! It’s there in case the engine gets spicy
10 - On the computer, set the stormdrive to cold start and turn on the particle accelerator. Monitor the temperature and slowly move the control rods accordingly. After it heats up a bit, turn off the particle accelerator. Make sure the temperature is stable (I personally leave it at ~450C) before leaving and it should be all good

#10 Detail the steps to take if the Stormdrive is close to melting down
Get to the computer, hit the SCRAM button and turn on the pump for the CO2 so it neutralizes the reaction and cools down the engine. If things are going really bad, get rid of all the fuel and turn off the pumps so no more gets in

#11 What is your favorite color?
light blue is cool

We’ve discussed your application internally and have deemed you a good fit for the mentor team, you’ll be given access to the mentor channels shortly and receive proper mentor permissions on the game server after a short period of time as we’re still developing our munitions update. Thank you for applying and welcome to the team!