Bread discourse

All of your cultural breads are equally awful.

I bet franc also eats thick pancakes smh

fran probably thinks a taco is bread

That’s a sandwich…

You’re a sandwich
Up top :raised_hand:

I will gut you for all your worth
of bread

thick pancakes are NOT wrong, half an inch is GODLY. and no, no toppings. completely bare.

:raised_hand: up top buddy

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haha, funy american man. thin pancake good.

please do not consume charcoal bread, thick pancakes or anything else that is morally repulsive.

Is wheat a vegetable

you’re gonna be a vegetable soon, buddy

A monolithic slab of corned beef between two slices of rye with a token amount of sauerkraut and no thousand island is not a reuben, despite what that cafe in Dunedin sold me.