Brendan Dugger Player Complaint -- //RESOLVED//

Your ckey: The_Maggot_Guy

Your IC name: John Greene

Your Discord ID: The Maggot Guy#3950

Date of round: 10-22-2020

Round ID: 1098

Defendant’s IC Name: Brendan Dugger

Defendant’s ckey: Not sure

Complaint: When I saw someone with a gun I thought they were either an antag or a rule breaker due to their armor and gun as robo, and since I’m not used to MRP where you can’t handle a problem unless you’re sec, coming from Bee LRP where it’s “do or die” all the time, I decided to stunlock him via shoving until sec arrived, possibly getting his weapon away from him so he couldn’t kill me or anyone else. I’m also so new to NSV specifically that I had trouble finding medbay to clone a dead guy I found hidden in the chapel where I myself was hiding (that is to say I’m unfamiliar with the new content so I’m just playing low impact/difference roles like chef and thought I might try lawyer out).

He ends up firing the gun at me as sec arrives, missing me (lol), and the officer, Brendan, starts attacking me instead which is shocking, and because he’s wearing a full hardsuit, I’m able to knock him over and get this large ion sword thing away from him, and, since I assume he’s rogue or some guy in a sec costume I go look for a trash can to throw away the thing I stole from him, and end up finding sec, and a trash can in sec, and radio the other sec officers (bc I assumed there were more than 1) saying what happened.

I went and checked the logs and apparently the robo did say that he was part of a “Fireteam” and that it was “to stop boarders” but I must’ve missed it because I didn’t see it until I checked the logs again. I also absolutely recognize this whole situation would have been avoided if I’d stopped and asked him what was up, and/or waited for sec, but as I said before, I’m used to being in situations where if you do that you will absolutely die, and waiting for someone else to take the first shot usually leaves you dead. However I recognize this is absolutely not the anarchic Bee LRP I’m used to, and in future conflicts I’m going to err on the side of caution, because my actions seem to have pissed several people off. I hope that the fact I didn’t try to do damage to anyone (only thing I did was shove) shows I’m trying to act in good faith here, and not like a shitter.

I saw a random engineer in the brig, and remarked about it on sec comms, and I shoved him because I assumed he was tresspassing, and it looks like he attacked me (as in damage) but I’m not sure how. (It said “pinning you to the ground” and “tightening their grip”.) Anyway the Brendan Dugger guy shows up, and I assume it’s a real sec officer so I say “arrest him” and I get shoved and arrested myself, and called a tard again. Stuff happens where he searches me and takes my access and calls me a tard (7 separate times over the whole round, along with “fuckwad” and “brainlet”) and even hits me a few times and throws me.

Eventually he starts taking me somewhere after I’ve lost my access and such and I keep begging people to help me as we walk. Eventually I get away somehow and he fires his pistol into the crowd hitting me twice and the AI’s shell once, then starts attacking me. Thankfully I got away and was able to uncuff in the chapel.

Yeah what I did wasn’t right (the shovelocking) but there were so many chances for this guy to actually roleplay or even really explain it or defuse the situation, but instead he opted for attacking and throwing out petty insults, which seems really unfitting imo

TL;DR, I assumed someone with a gun was going to kill me because I’m used to Bee LRP, the arriving sec, instead of roleplaying or even trying to defuse the situation just called me a “tard” several times and attacked me even after I was cuffed because I was “being annoying”

This is security CQC…

If you’re acting like an idiot on General Quarters and above, you’ll get tossed around.

Sigh. Alright, so what happened was- this guy kept on screaming about an engineer with a gun and a robo with a gun, so I investigated and this guy was pushing a sec fireteam robo with a Glock-13 into a wall. I told him it was a fireteam and he kept on doing it. So I ion sabre’d him (my greatest regret, I didn’t know how shit the stun was) and he screamed that I was killing him after disarming me of it (3 hits on stun mode didn’t stun him). I detained him, he kept on yelling on sec channel “BRENDAN DUGGER KILLING ME HELP!!!” despite me BEING the only sec, and so I took him to brig medbay after a whole 10 bruise packs didn’t heal his minor brute (I think brute packs are broken actually) and he screamed that I was doing surgery on him. This guy also complained in looc about my “BAD RP” because I was punching him a few times and calling him a retard, as he was flooding comms that I was killing him. Literally everyone hated him and I had to literally fight to prevent people from lynching him. He claimed I was “helping an active gunman.” It was genuinely annoying. I took his access because I didn’t want this dumbass in sec when we were being boarded. Also, take note that I shot him with 9mm rubbers. During general quarters, while there are people boarding- there is no fucking time to defuse a situation and sweet talk. Did you expect anything different to happen? Thanks. (He got away because I was unpulling him so he wasn’t agro grabbed, since it was super slow doing that in a hardsuit. I probably should’ve just fireman carried.

I don’t, nor does anyone in sec, have time to baby self-antag greyshits in combat/general quarters

Also, lastly, he was told MANY times the guy was fireteam.

I was unaware of that. From my perspective a non-sec trespasser was attacking me with some sort of NSV specific attack and I had to stop them.

Just the same, isn’t sec’s job to defuse conflicts instead of escalating them? Calling someone retarded and then attacking them while they’re cuffed because they’re “annoying” seems more like LRP behavior to me.

this is false. Neither you nor the admin marking it an ICK issue (Bloons) explained it and you immediately jumped to attacking me with the stun sword thing, even though you had a chance to explain while I backed off and stood still assuming you had missed and hit me instead.

As said before I missed what the robos were saying (having just been fired on). Also it looks like bloons did (later) say they were on a fire team and were just defending their department but I didn’t know that. As I said before, all I knew was there was a guy with a gun.

“I know more then an admin and all the other 20 people who hated me, including the AI. I am not wrong at all. and can never be wrong.”

Alright, let’s try this for a resolution.

@TheMaggotGuy You misinterpreted someone having a gun as a possible antag compared to being an NSV specific asset known as a fireteam. This is understandable, but at the same time you conceede that you’re more used to LRP environments where action often means victory. Take a breath in the future, Syndies don’t normally carry around glocks. They also don’t normally run around with them out unless they’re gunning down NT loyalists. You’ve made this mistake now, and now you know to think for a moment and see if things make sense.

@StinkethStonketh First, the ion saber is currently crap, find a baton. As for overall response, please stop calling people retards, there are more interesting literary options to use, and I’m sure that they would make you seem more cleaver and witty. We absolutely adore sec players who play their characters professionally with a dash of flair. In the future you can try to defuse situations if possible that is always better than getting the baton and starting to slap cuffs on people.

tl;dr Misunderstanding of server specific mechanic leads to sec abuse and someone looking like more of an idiot than they probably are. Let’s see if we can move on from this without calling one another retards?

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Yeah I’m fine with this