//DM// - Vouches: The Ultimate Oxymoron - //PUBLIC RECORD//

Y’know, on the previous ban appeal a little while back you said something like this:

" get a vouch from a hostchat server or someone legitimate to certify a MASSIVE change in behavior from you. Otherwise, this is a waste of both of our time, oxygen, and server disk space"

After you said this you immediately closed the topic, which is crummy, 'cuz I couldn’t discuss it with you. You told me to get a vouch to show ‘good behavior’ or ‘signs of change’ yet banned me as soon as I joined the server and couldn’t show you any sign of change or good behavior? I wouldn’t go through all this effort if I was just gonna throw the cluwne into space. I mean not to mention I was even banned off the discord server immediately too.

You aren’t entitled a vouch from us.

You are expected to play elsewhere and give us a reason to allow you back.