Dovahkitty - Admin Application

BYOND KEY: Dovahkitt3
DISCORD ID: Dovahkitty
USUAL IC HANDLE: Available upon request
EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: 1200 Hours on NSV, Various hours on private servers
EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13: Mentorship on NSV and admin on private servers
YOUR MOTIVATION: Some of the admins are burnt out, and lending a helping hand is at least to me never a bad thing. Well also helping out on what i genuinely consider my home server.
Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you? Well I am more than willing to pick up and learn the proper way of being a admin and helping out.
WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: Well i look to grow communities that i enjoy helping out in, Maybe even helping with keeping new players coming back.
QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER: Having the ability to put aside bias’s to have proper judgement. Having the patience for understanding what happened and looking through the information for the accurate answer.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus? Adminbussing to me is only used for driving or making a story for the round and crew. maybe dropping a quick gift or poking a small prank in a no harm case. However if the crew are losing the fight well that’s on them. If in the case of it’s out of player control and code has decided to take over. It is more than fine to help fix the issue.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have? Antags are a wrench in the war machine that needs to be taken out. However this is up to the players to explore and find out if there is one. In the case of antag freedom in my opinion are ment to be there to be a storytelling device. for that interesting thing that happened throughout the round Not for 5 minute murderbone so we can go to the next round.

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react? Honestly i would take 5 minutes to recheck myself and ask around if i did something wrong, before needing a moment to sit down and cope. However i would ask around for others opinions on said actions if they were right or wrong in another’s point of view.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power? Playing favorites to one player or another. Interfering with the active round like spawning explosives or adminbussing a plasmaflood onship without a fair reason for it to happen. Adminbussing while playing in-round being a strict no.
#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act? The reason for staff existing being here is first and foremost maintaining the project. None of us are being paid but we are here to help a project being built and make sure we are keeping a playerbase that we want. without that playerbase we would be without a project. However standards for that playerbase should be upheld throughout the newest player to the highest in staff.


I plus one.
Ta does too but he lost his keys.

And judging from responses elsewhere by others they do too.