How I emag u? (Gotta be 15)

  • How gun?
  • How I emag u?

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It’s how DO I emag you smh

Wouldn’t you like to know, nerd

I’m not going to vote out of pure disrespect. Do you know what it feels like to be on the other side of one of those questions? Have you ever even been ASKED a QUESTION in your life before? I’ll tell you what it feels like, it’s horrible. First you think they’re all fun and games asking something without proper grammar but then you realize it’s an actual fucking question. These people really expect you to make do with the two to five words they provide. And most of the time worst thing is not even just that they’re so incompetent they need to ask a question like this or haven’t realized where the wiki button is. The worst part is you giving them an answer and them not understanding what you just told them. Forcing you to go BACK IN TIME to the STONE AGES to dig up an explaination their CAVEMAN BRAINS CAN PROCESS.


haha, funy green man. how emag


:boom::gun: :unamused:

How I emagun you the gun emag ?