Ideas for Ghost Roles

At the moment, there’s not a lot ghosts can do. Aside from the occasional PAI and borg prompt (Both of which may not even happen), the only reliable roles are midround antags and boarders, both of which aren’t guaranteed. To help alleviate this issues, I have a few ideas for potential ghost roles that can offer a bit of entertainment for the dead.

Ace Syndicate Pilot
On occasion when entering combat with a syndicate fleet, there is a chance that an Ace Syndicate Pilot will spawn. They are essentially a regular fighter that is player controlled. Their job is to simply help take out any NT ships in the sector. If their fighter is destroyed, they immediately die with not escape pod spawned. They can repair and refuel their fighter by being near a carrier ship. If the NT ship flees the sector, they are returned to ghost form, but get priority on spawning in if the fleet re-engages the NT ships.

Asteroid Hermit
Sometimes people (And creatures) find themselves stranded on asteroids out in the middle of space. When the mining ship starts pulling in an asteroid with a hermit on it, the ghosts will be notified and given a chance to spawn in. They will be spawned with a space suit on so they don’t die to the vacuum of space. The type of person can vary widely, from a random civilian, to a stranded syndicate agent.

Cargo Ship Crew
A small crew of about 1-3 people spawn in a tiny cargo ship, outfitted with only a basic engine and weapons. Their objective is to get their ship from their spawn sector to a random sector, with a bonus objective of getting certain materials or credits. However, space is full of dangers, and they’re not aligned with the syndicate or Nanotrasen. If either side wants to attack them, they can. On the flip side, the crew may also wish to trade if they encounter another player controlled ship. (Finally, a use for cargo torps)