James View - Admin Application

BYOND KEY: James View

DISCORD ID: HighAdmiral#3632

USUAL IC HANDLE: I play an HRP AI, Alpha v1.0, as well as an MRP sec Nick Thorne. I have various Engineering characters, Roman Joon, Alpha Riley. I play whatever the ship needs unless the AI slot is open.

EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: I’ve been playing for like two years now, I started on Paradise and disliked the chaos, tried Bay and have been banned there three times (all for hilariously weak reasons), Aurora which I liked, but eventually swore off due to their heavily anti AI development team. I then moved to Bastion of Hestia.

EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13: After arriving to Bastion of Hestia, I quickly gained a good reputation as an HRP AI and eventually took a position on the admin team, I quickly moved into senior administration as someone who was constantly on with basic common sense.
YOUR TIME-ZONE: I am in CST, however due to my work schedule my administration would be of the AUTZ to EUTZ area.

AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOURS ACTIVE PER WEEK: Difficult to say, I work every shift of overtime I’m offered but otherwise I’m on my computer. I’d say around 30 hours a week?

YOUR MOTIVATION: With BOH no longer a server, and every currently existing HRP server not meeting my standards, NSV13 is the only server I currently play on. Unfortunately due to my work schedule, I cannot make weekend playtests during the times with good population. My motivation for applying comes from your release, I recall while in VC a few months ago Sergei talking about how for release you’d need staff to handle the late nights, and on the same night he told me to apply here. I declined the offer, as I can’t make playtimes and would hate to look inactive. With release though, I feel I could fill some needed coverage.

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: As stated previously, my main motivation is to provide coverage for ahelp issues, however one of the things that make NSV13 one of the better servers is how liberally adminbus is applied to create interesting events in a round. Some of the finest rounds in the game have occurred as character development between admin characters and Captain Czanek or various Security officers.

QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER: In my experience from BOH the single hardest part of being an admin was handling the constant onslaught of player created drama. Being able to keep calm and avoid taking things personally is important. Staff burnout was a weekly occurrence on our staff team.
A few other important ones include, but are not limited to empathy for frustrated players, players can be dicks. Many times when you’re bwoinking one they’re starting from the initial stance of offense that they’ve done something wrong, or are incredibly overwhelmed by a situation that they’re too personally invested in.
A good understanding of SS13 as a whole, how a community on SS13 works, and experience in every round type. A lot of what goes on during an investigation is interviewing witnesses, and being able to understand what happened from few or poorly chosen words is key to completing a picture of an existing situation.
Understand what makes rounds fun for the average player. One of the biggest jobs admins have is to facilitate the round, they’re given many tools to do that and it’s their job to figure out what needs application.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus? It’s one of the many responsibilities of admins and those in server management positions to facilitate rounds, ensure the round are entertaining and enjoyable, while adding in server specific spice to rounds. Adminbus is misused when an admin lets this tool be used as a way to further their own personal goals as a player, or the spice added effects the round to the point where players rounds are ruined. Many people don’t have time to play more than a round a day, and ensuring as many people as possible enjoy their time on our server is of course the priority.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have? Antagonsists exist to provide the ship with a challange, something more than just premade mechanics that can be minmaxed. Antags provide a human intelligence for the ship to overcome, thinking up and implementing creative ways to disrupt ship operations and add a little bit of chaos to the game. Antags need restrictions in how they’re allowed to kill players, how quickly they’re allowed to do major sabotage, and how reasonable the actions they attempt are.

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react? I personally prefer to keep detailed notes of the situations I handle, as players will often wait a while, then appeal. In my experience the best way to handle complaints of unfair handling is to listen to their argument, review my decisions, and if I disagree with the accusation invite them to leave a complaint about me, which will be reviewed by a superior.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power? Abuse of power occurs when an admin takes action that is excessive to a rule violation following an investigation, or otherwise misuses adminbus as covered by question #1.

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act? Staff exist to manage the server, this includes basic administration tasks such as midround bugfixing or otherwise finding an OOC solution to OOC issues, rulebreak investigation, and handling of punishments for unfit players. Staff in my opinion can act however they please, however as community role models they are held to a higher standard similar to command characters. Honestly same as players, as long as they aren’t being a shitter I won’t generally take issue with anyone.

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I’d like to hear these.

Could you give an example of one of these issues (beyond something simple like “teleport from z=7”)?

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Bay was my first HRP server, and I joined it my first week in SS13. In my first week of Bay, I was banned twice. Initially I got three notes across three days, one for not understanding FearRP, a second for going overboard with drunk RP, and a third when I killed a cat to get back at someone.

My first ban took place on Bay after an incredibly good round, where I as Deck Chief was forcing paperwork on absolutely everyone. It was a great time, and two hours into the round every single person was absolutely done with my shit. An explorer and I had been getting particularly into it, and I walked into a shuttle I was responsible for preparing to find several explorers whispering about me, and I suspected I was in danger. They were acting suspicious, so I left. From this point on, Explorers were to be treated with suspicion. As time continued, I was working on preparing my shuttles for exploration missions, and one of the explorers came onto the shuttle bridge. I was one space away from them, they pulled a gun. I had kept a flash in my pocket expecting this to happen, took one step forward, flashed them, took their SMG, and a gunfight ensued. They pulled a second gun out of their bag, but eventually I killed them with only moderate injury. The rest of the round I spent being called a murderer, after the Chief of Security cleared me of wrongdoing.
This ban was a few days, the official ban reason being that one step I took forward wasn’t in alignment with FearRP, even though he hadn’t aimed at me.

After I’m unbanned, I have another great round. All of command is dead, all but one officer is dead. I ordered weapons, and that officer and I went hunting for the man who killed everyone. We capture him, he escapes. The officer and I agree that if we catch him again, he can’t be left alive having killed 6+ people at this point. He’s arrested, he continues to resist while cuffed, and I shoot him as agreed. I’m banned for a week for killing him, which is then escallated to ban until appeal when I say “Okay see you in a week”, accepting the ban and wanting to move on.

I don’t choose to appeal this ban for quite a while, as by this time I’ve moved on to Aurora station and have gained some reputation there, I’m enjoying my time. I do eventually find myself missing the military RP that occurs only on Bay, and do eventually appeal.

My first round back is absolutely incredible, from Aurora I’ve learned how to play HRP Security, my first round back I was congratulated by some of the shitters for being a fair officer. The next round though, I choose the wrong character for round start. My main Deck Chief, James View. I don’t think much of it, cryo immediately, and grab one of the many still open jobs. Two hours pass, I am Nick Thorne, Security Officer. Lot’s of good shit happened, very engaging traitors and my team and I enjoy using as little force as possible against them in an attempt to talk down an antag. Eventually they steal a shuttle and I’m killed. At this point pretty much every officer is dead, and I figure “Hey, maybe I should make an XO character, this round could use some decent command.” I couldn’t really think of a good name though, and name myself “Jhames Vhew”. I am almost immediately bwoinked by an admin who is being incredibly aggressive. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I’ve created a character with a criminally similar name to my roundstart character, having forgotten about the cryo completely. I try to explain it was a mistake, and expect a warning but instead he looks at my note history and decides this is worthy of a perm.
He’s a headmin there, I’ve heard some horror stories about him and won’t even bother an appeal. Apparently even insinuating that this is an overreaction is reason enough to deny an appeal.

I’ll attach a log of my notes from Bay, but please do keep in mind almost all of these events occurred over a year ago now. This was my first month in SS13, my introduction to the autism that is HRP administration, and the only server I’ve been banned on since.

BS12 Notes

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While administrating on BOH, there was one time an antag was trying to do bombs, but for some reason they just weren’t working out. We verified his method was proper, and then watched as the bomb failed to explode correctly. To compensate for this, we had the player ahelp when he was ready for the bomb to explode, and used adminbus to spawn an explosion of equal size.

Another example would be during an extended round, when the Supermatter was in the process of being modified and was delaminating every single round more or less no matter what, a large amount of Phoron gas was spawned to allow the ships engineers to get the crystal to a controllable state.

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+1 from me. Seems like a cool guy, has experience, has dealt with shitmins so knows exactly how not to act, and the only negatives of this appeal have reasonable explanations.

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When the undercover baymin baits you into appealing a ban :veryflushed:

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Took a while to notice this, but as we’re going 24/7 more admins will definitely help - and I like the look of you.

+1 from me

Long overdue reply. This looks fairly well thought out and well put together. I don’t see any immediate issues. The biggest apprehension is with the Bay bans, but the justification for those sound more like over-strict admins rather than actual wrongdoing, so I’m more than willing to give you a shot! +1

Approved due to good feedback