Minor skullmagic complaint - //RESOLVED//

Administrator DISCORD ID: Corsaka#5169
Administrator CKEY: skullmagic
Date of Incident (If any:) 383
Reason of complaint: Unironically refused to un-mute me after I was auto-muted by telling clown to face the wall too much, while he was pointing a banana ta me.

Can we just get a different topic for every admin?

Spamming an aim command enough to trigger an auto-mute is equivalent of spamming the same message enough to trigger an auto-mute. I don’t believe the mute was permanent, and you had every chance to stop.

(wow fuck I really should check forums more often)
The mute works just like you press “IC” in player tab - it’s removes itself at the new round.
I’m mostly salty because this mute is retarded and in most actual cases(remember our OOC spammers?) where it should mute a person it didn’t.
I just hate this auto-mute please turn it off already.

This could likely be solved with both a cooldown on the radial menu options, and adding more variation to the orders. As the mute itself is triggered by the same message repeatedly. Still up to @headmin resolution, but feels like a code problem.

After reviewing statements from the administrator in question, the forum complaint, and weight from Franc, I’m inclined to believe that the issue here was two-fold. First, unclear communication about the duration of mute through tickets. Second, the fact that there is little enough variance and delay in the aim system that you are able to trigger the spam prevention method in the first place.

Resolution: I’ve discussed the situation with the admin, who at the time did not realize that spam mutes were effectively until round end.