Red031000 - Admin Application //ACCEPTED//

BYOND KEY: red031000

DISCORD ID: red031000#2155



164h on paradise station, 52h on NSV, unknown number of hours on yogstation (before hour tracking)


None, except for my own server I hosted with an average of 2 or 3 friends on, giving me some (but not a lot of) familiarity with admin tools




I have played NSV for the past few weeks and have really enjoyed it, a lot more than normal ss13, it has a close, tight-knit community, with recognisable persistent characters, while also having an interesting feature set that isn’t really seen anywhere else in the game, across any other active server

Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you?

I have several years of experience with discord and twitch moderation, while not directly ss13 moderation, it does impart skills needed to deal with certain situations, and can potentially show that I am trustworthy


I feel my skills with administrating on other platforms can help a team that seems to be quite thin at the moment. I also feel that I can help make the game more fun for players.


Honesty, integrity, knowing when to use administrative powers, and when to use words to resolve situations, good with potentially stressful and complicated situations, knowing how to defuse a heated conversation

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?

Adminbus (if done correctly) can make an otherwise boring round more interesting, however, if it interferes with a round negatively, isn’t funny, or causes players to die/leave early into a round without the opportunity to re-enter, it should not be done.

Actual abuse of tools to force a narrative that isn’t planned, isn’t agreed on, and isn’t wanted, is a no, and should be avoided.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?

Antagonists make the game interesting, by providing an enemy for the ship to work against, they should have a fairly large range of freedom, however, this should be dictated by RP, and is subject to the rules. If an antagonist goes out of their way to kill everyone on the ship or create something that will likely kill everyone on the ship (without it being an objective, or them not having any valid IC reason to do so), they should contact admins first. The situation where that would be accepted/rejected would depend on the current round, the players, and what they are doing.

Antagonists should be able to accomplish all objectives in most ways that they see fit, while still being appropriate to the theme of the antagonist (e.g., traitors should at least attempt to be stealthy)

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?

I would defer to a higher/other admin who could judge the situation as they see, while providing my own side of the story. I would then try to keep out of the situation, as it is my own actions that are being judged.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?

A use of powers that is excessive, not warranted in the situation, or interferes with many people and is unwanted. This can extend to both bans, event powers, and other powers.

Unwarranted warnings can also be considered an abuse of power in certain conditions, as you are abusing your position to force people to act in a certain way that potentially aligns more with your own view of what is acceptable/what is not rather than the rules, or the servers. Of course, this is somewhat open to interpretation, however, if this occurs consistently, and constantly, it is likely an abuse of power.

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?

Staff should primarily keep the server a safe, welcoming place by enforcing the rules and RP standards. They should act appropriate to their position, and not break any rules themselves. Staff members should be held to a higher standard than potentially other players, as they are often used as examples of what is acceptable and what isn’t. A secondary purpose of staff is to make otherwise boring rounds more interesting, subject to caveats, through events and other situations.

This is a great answer to a different question. This would best be a “what is the purpose of adminbus?” answer. The question asked when is it okay

Follow up questions.

  1. You see an explosion log generated in chemistry. You jump over and see a non-antag chemist dead in a now spaced chemistry. What actions, if any, do you take?

  2. You see a traitor chaplain mercilessly murdering the crew with his-grace. Checking his objectives you see they have two steal objectives, and escape alive. What actions, if any, do you take?

  3. The crew is struggling, a large number are dead and the medical department has totally collapsed (either through lack of competent staff or through medbay being deleted. Is this a good opportunity for adminbus? If so what sort of bus do you think is appropriate?

  4. There are 60 monkeys in the primary hallway of the ship. What do you do, if anything?

  1. If there are extended logs on the incident, I would likely see what happened (i.e. what chemicals were mixed, what amounts, what actions were taken), however I believe it is also important to get the chemist’s side of the story, it could just be an inexperienced chemist that was either just messing around and created a mix that caused an explosion, or could not have known what they were doing, or could be accidental. However, if it is not the first time this has happened, or the player has played as a chemist before and are experienced in it, I would potentially give a temporary job ban, depending on whether it has happened before

  2. In my own opinion this is beyond the scope of the chaplain, and should not be allowed. I would message the traitor and ask them what they are doing, giving them a chance to explain themselves. Since this is likely a case of griefing, a temporary ban may be warranted, depending on the history of the player (I would always hope that a warning would be sufficient to stop people from acting that way in the future, and understanding that their actions are wrong, it may be a mis-interpretation of what antagonists are allowed to do and what their objectives/playstyle are, however this is, of course, not always the case)

  3. This is probably a good opportunity for adminbus, however the method it is done is important, it may be a good opportunity for a medical themed ERT, with some equipment to be sent, as it can help the crew and also preserves roleplay standards. Abusing admin powers to revive the players in a non-IC way is immersion breaking, and should not be done, in my opinion

  4. Primarily, observe. See if it is causing problems for the crew, if they are entirely harmless, then probably do nothing, however, if they are affecting players, then start by sending a centcom message to the crew letting them know that CC has noted an increased number of monkeys affecting production, asking the crew to address this. If this does not/cannot get addressed, then perhaps send one or two players in with the specific task of addressing the problem

hope this is sufficient

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I like it. +1

+2, discussed with Altangy. Playtime is currently 179h