Squad comms upgrade

For a while we have had that sweet sweet dispatch functionality to the security teams masks, allowing them to quickly alert others who, where and when they are responding to crimes, allowing security to (rarely) respond to crimes with high speed!

Even more recently, we got squads, any non-important/useful role gets assigned a squad, allowing them to double as budget staff/engineers when needed in other departments.
They get separate comms channels, access to gear and a cute lil lanyard.

So what if Department Heads got a Dispatch option built into their Command headsets, allowing them to quickly call for squads.

Options included would be;
Staffing shortages
Hull breach
Drop pod
The clown
And off course an option to Call off the squad if the situation was less severe than thought.

In short, dispatch, but less valid hunting, more hull juice spraying.

Another idea, air alarms signalling to DC teams

I’d like to extend the framework currently used here, I’d also like to set the current code related to headsets on fire.

Headsets on fire
A-are you sure you are reading this correctly?

they mean telicomms code, its a mess and its bad