Standardising punishment

We really aught to standardize punishments for different rule breaks. I’ve seen people get multi day mutes to just warns for using the gamer word, I just think having a standard set of punishments for breaking the rules would result in less trouble for everyone

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I’ve even seen people say the gamer word and not even get punished, which seems quite odd.
If the standardised punishments are implemented correctly, they could improve behaviour.

We do have a set of banning guidelines that our administrators can reference with regards to punishments both in-game and on the the discord. However, these are guidelines, and I have expressed to my administrative staff that they are welcome to follow them as a maximum punishment guidance, but do permit them to be more linient with their punishments.

I should specifically note that these guidleines do not state any sort of deferential circumstances, which removes context, and in turn fairness from any punishment handed out. We, as an administrative staff, enjoy being merciful for those who are actually good additions to the community.

Ondrej, specifically regarding you (and looking at the time stamp I know you posted your +1 to this after you were banned by KMC himself), if we were following those standard banning guidelines to the strictest of their guidance, you would be long gone with your mod log history.

I do appreciate the input that anyone would like to give, but that is my statement on the matter.