Why you should use GOD as your ship AI

  1. GOD make engine go brrrr
  2. GOD does not need stupid humans to man CIC
  3. GOD fire mag-cats
  4. GOD open door
  5. GOD is malf
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But can GOD funk? Stay tuned.

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GOD is funk


If G.O.D is good, is G.O.O.D better?

G.O.D is bad, GOD is good.

Ey, Czanek here. Just wanted to leave a negative review. I installed yer AI on my ship and it kept sending me suggestive messages over the monitors. I do NOT recommend this AI, it even turned the ship’s thermostat up from 60 degrees to 70 to “accommodate for other crew members”. I had to card the damn thing and then I dropped the thermostat down to 50 in spite. It was chilly, and I was cold, but it was the AI’s fault. Either way, don’t install, wouldn’t recommend.

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As the poor sod assigned to look after the AI half the time, GOD seems to require the least maintenance. If that’s a good thing or a bad thing is probably yet to be decided. They open doors, they open bolted doors, they then crush me with said doors. 7/10 IGN, Needs more Door.