1glitchycent ban appeal - //UNBANNED//

CKEY: 1glitchycent
Ban length: permanent
Banning admin: Sergei Koralev
Ban reason:Griefed a PVP event by blowing up the syndicate raptor in the launch tube with their bomb implant
Why I should be unbanned: this was an accident, I had tabbed out because it took a long time for them to launch and I had passed out due to oxyloss and suffocated, detonating my explosive implant and singlehandedly securing that Nanotrasen dub(probably)

This seems like a plausible explanation. From what I remember of the round in question we were on high alert for grief and it’s entirely possible that we just straight up nope’d you for it, assuming malicious intent.

Additional information: Ban was issued with client having logged off without ahelping. It’s common sense that if your actions just caused the death of half your team, you should Ahelp.
If you can explain that part then I’d be potentially ok with a return under heavy scrutiny. But silently leaving like that does not bode well.

I’m willing to drop this to a perm antag ban until it’s explained why you didn’t stick around or ahelp after the implant detonated. I agree with Ta, you should have known, or at least expected that we’d want to talk to you after that.

I didn’t stick around for the ahelp because I was already pretty impatient and annoyed. I also hadn’t realized that it was my implant that triggered everything. So once I died, I saw no real reason to continue the round and it didn’t occur to me that it was my fault.

Alright, I think it’s been long enough that the lesson’s been served. I’ve removed the ban.