A new job role for sec

Security Sergeant - Rank being SGT (obviously)

  • In terms of command they are above officers and deputies but below the Warden and HoS

  • Is more of a field team leader, doing the same work as officers in their duties but is also there to guide, assist, supervise and lead them in their field work. This can help the HoS and mainly officers when it comes to decision making on the field.

  • Has access to all departments, cargo, medbay, science and engineering (apart from the bridge and secure areas) providing quick assistance if an officer is requesting for backup or help in wondering what to do in a certain situation also gives crew members a reason to scream “I WANT TO SPEAK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR” if the officer they are dealing with is not following proper procedures or has no clue as to what they are doing.

  • Overall i think this would be a great idea as it could help sec in decision making, giving the hos less headaches and it can help new seccies. also good for people who want to try some kind of leadership role without having to go hos or warden just to get a feel of what it’s like.

did you know that rn, Doctors outrank sec officers?

Yeah, but when do people ever listen to doctors?

Also i think this would be neat, but it’s a bit too similar to HoS, just without bridge access. But I never play security so i can’t say anything :stuck_out_tongue: