A novel solution to low pop munitions staffing issues (slavery)

It is no secret that NSV has been seeing critically low levels of players, these low levels of players makes it more difficult to do overmap combat due to the lack of staff in munitions. I propose a solution to this:

Slavery. It has been proposed in the past that we have some kind of machines to assist in processes like loading powder and shells I propose the use of slaves to perform these actions. non sentient KNPC’s could be programmed to do simple tasks like grab powder bags and deposit them into nearby powder gates enabling munitions to operate when there are very few players.

these KNPC slaves could be provided at the start of rounds with player numbers below a certain population threshold e.g. 5 players, and new slaves could be produced by implanting captured boarding KNPC’s with slavery/pacification chips that would make them perform a specific simple task such as loading powder. the number of slaves available could be controlled by having the implants only available for sale an in limited supply.

As for in lore reasons the “non sentient” boarders are already cast out from society so enslavement would not be to far fetched, and could also act as a reason for the existence of the Tortuga raiders as the only refuge for the non sentient from slavery and persecution.

This however all just a suggestion and can be changed as seen fit, i am also in no way capable of coding this, kind regards

John Gregson

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Finally, an excellent job for security! SLAVERY!!!

slavery update confirmed!!

We have actually considered adding this in the past, though not exactly KNPCs and more FTL-style droids