Admin Complaint- Ansome ///CLOSED///

Administrator DISCORD ID: Ansome
Administrator CKEY: Ansome
Date of Incident: 2/16/21
Reason of complaint: As you know, Ansome posted an NSFW Among Us meme. After being told to take it down and submit to a warning, he did. I ASSUME he has been warned internally, and wasn’t just muted for a minute. The problem at hand is that he posts it again, showing that he had shown it to KMC- and gets told to take it down again. He does so. Wait a few minutes, and he DMs me said gif that I have made very clear I did not like. I proceed to block him from there. According to Ansome himself, harassing people in their DMs is not allowed. Then he does it himself. I’m sick of this.

Closed upon poster’s request.