[ADMIN UNKNOWN] - enzoseptum - Banned so long ago I don't remember ///DENIED///

IC NAME: Don’t remember.
BYOND KEY: enzoseptum
DATE OF BAN: 1 year ago or so I think, it doesn’t show me the date when entering the server.

ADMIN BYOND KEY: It doesn’t show.
REASON FOR BAN: Unknown, apparently ban evasion.
YOUR APPEAL: Got banned a long time ago, I don’t even remember what I did or what hapenned, I would like to get unbanned or something since there’s no point in keeping me outside the server, I’ve read the rules today, don’t think I gonna have any problem adjusting to the RP and stuff. I would really like to join this community and be able to play normally just like the other players, I won’t cause any trouble.

This appears to have been a mirror of a bee ban, which can happen quite often considering we work very closely with the Bee administrative teem. Do you have any comments on this?

Got banned because I was saying ambigous stuff as a joke in a discord server that isn’t even related with bee station. Already appealed but it apparently gonna take few days. Can you guys remove the ban from NSV13 since it has no relation? I really wanted to play here.

Your appeal got denied at bee forum so I don’t think it is gonna work out here.