AGCNR reactor Feedback

@kmc2000 made a new reactor a while ago and from what I could tell a few people (including myself of course) have some opinions about it and feedback for it.

So far I’ve only seen mentions of this feedback in the in-game OOC channel or discord conversations and I thought I’d make a talkpoint here so we have a collected place for said feedback.

Also a poll for you to rate your experience with the AGCNR:

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The issue I have with it is, while we have documentation on how it works, we don’t have anything on how to set it up, while I feel that some engineering mains may be able to figure it out, I just couldn’t make heads nor tails of the thing.

Without any modifications to pumps, following the “guide” on the wiki currently as it is, the RBMK will explode due to overpressure before it reaches the 60% reactor power that the “guide” says to wait for, and this was without the moderator enabled, so not sure if moderator would make it explode quicker or slower.

The RMBK is just a StormDrive that has been made way harder to control. It also misses a display to show if the rods are depleted or not , and the current inputs (moderator , coolant).
If it would help , i think the RMBK should instead mass-produce heat at a very efficient rate , lets say 50000K , which can then be hooked to TEG’s to create power . Instead of it being a ripoff SD.

I like the fact you can grill on it, besides that I uh… seen it blow up a bunch of times.