[Altangy] - misha600 - WGW spam - //DENIED//

IC NAME: Don’t remember
BYOND KEY: misha600
DATE OF BAN: 2020-11-15

REASON FOR BAN: Reciting WGW over common channel
YOUR APPEAL: For some reason, i got the curator job when i didn’t get the job I wanted. So, i did what any good curator would and started printing copies of WGW and chucking them at people. I got arrested by security and they destroyed my library. So, i started copy pasting WGW onto sheets of paper, filled a locker with them and then spread them around the security front desk. Security perma’d me, which i probably deserved. Due to mindshattering boredom, i made a plan to go out with style, somehow convinced a security officer to give me metal, filled the perma bathroom with walls and started reading WGW. I didn’t even get to the good part before getting banned. I just expected to get harmbaton’d into a pulp, because i didn’t see anything about it in the rules. The closest i thought it might be was 9, but i thought that was just for ERP. Even if it was against the rules, i’m pretty sure getting banned for 61 days was pretty excessive for a copypasta that wasn’t ruining anyone’s round or anything. If i get unbanned, i won’t do it again. The server was pretty fun and there’s supposed to be an update soon that i want to try. Thanks for reading.

It’s been almost a week, is anyone going to look at this?

@Altangy is the responsible admin for this thread.

As for the ban length normally the ban for ERP/creepy/erotica in general is significantly more harsh. Altangy must have been feeling merciful on the day of. Given your prior notes for similar instances of NSFW/erotica posting in game I think this shoe fits, but it’s up to Altangy at the end of the day.

Even if that’s the case, I didn’t see anything about it in the rules. It’s normally just lynchable on the server I usually play on, and not bannable unless you ridiculously overdo it. The rules are pretty similar so I just assumed that it would be the same for WGW. You should probably change the rules page to obviously include WGW etc.

Here it is in the plain black and white. WGW is erotica.

This is a final signal boost to allow the applicant a chance to respond before the thread is closed as stale.

Yeah, i’m here, i’ve been busy. Apparently i’m just an idiot because i thought that was for ERP only because i was only looking at the fine print.

Alright, given the fact that you accrued three different notes (including the ban) over the course of three days for ERP/creepy stuff I’m going to say appeal denied. Sorry for the extensive delay, but we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus recently due to a development push. Your ban should expire in mid January.