[Altangy] - misha600 - WGW spam

IC NAME: Don’t remember
BYOND KEY: misha600
DATE OF BAN: 2020-11-15

REASON FOR BAN: Reciting WGW over common channel
YOUR APPEAL: For some reason, i got the curator job when i didn’t get the job I wanted. So, i did what any good curator would and started printing copies of WGW and chucking them at people. I got arrested by security and they destroyed my library. So, i started copy pasting WGW onto sheets of paper, filled a locker with them and then spread them around the security front desk. Security perma’d me, which i probably deserved. Due to mindshattering boredom, i made a plan to go out with style, somehow convinced a security officer to give me metal, filled the perma bathroom with walls and started reading WGW. I didn’t even get to the good part before getting banned. I just expected to get harmbaton’d into a pulp, because i didn’t see anything about it in the rules. The closest i thought it might be was 9, but i thought that was just for ERP. Even if it was against the rules, i’m pretty sure getting banned for 61 days was pretty excessive for a copypasta that wasn’t ruining anyone’s round or anything. If i get unbanned, i won’t do it again. The server was pretty fun and there’s supposed to be an update soon that i want to try. Thanks for reading.

It’s been almost a week, is anyone going to look at this?