Altangy - riquegameplays - given a short vacation after I overreacted to an admin's actions //APPROVED//

IC NAME: Wrighs-The-Wrong
BYOND KEY: riquegameplays
DATE OF BAN: 8th of October 2022
DURATION OF BAN: for as long as I need it to be

REASON FOR BAN: Named my mining sabre SSV Fist of Sol and before docking sent the NSV a hail similar to what the actual thing would say (but with my name stamped on it), I was just about to enable my brakes in the hangar when I got blasted by a BSA. Lost one of the only two sabres, fuel and ore I had gathered with a PKA (because I forgot my cutter) from 2 Asteroids, the admin refunded me a very small parcel and called it fair. I asked for more, got denied, so I acted as the syndie I was supposedly shot for being and thermited into the plasma storage, flooding the main hallways. (Server is down so I can’t get what the actual reason was, but this is what happened)
I was asked to appeal this once I had calmed down, so I’m going to do just that.
YOUR APPEAL: What started as an ahelp asking for the destroyed stuff back, became a heated argument in admin conduct regarding the “joke”. Bokkie (the project LEAD) admitted it was funny at first, but quickly realized that what Altangy had done was very inappropriate for the situation.

I’ve always loved asteroid mining, named my sabres different things and not once before this had happened. I got immensely frustrated at how I was compensated, and at the moment found it justifiable to give some retribution for the time and work the “simple artillery strike at the syndicate mothership” made go into waste. I waited, asked, but Altangy (or whoever did it, Bokkie wasn’t sure and I didn’t expect the following situation to happen) found it perfectly fair to return the small fraction (about an 8th of my ore load, which was half titanium, the main material required to repair the ship. I received a chunk of iron, some sand, little plasma and two bits of gold and silver), asked me to stop asking, and closed my ticket. I got incredibly frustrated, this was the first time I’ve been treated this way by one of you, and I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong to deserve being shot in the back in such a way. In a moment of pure confusion and frustration, I ruined everyone’s fun because my motivation to finish that round had just been shattered.

The server’s administration team has always been wonderful, helping out whenever possible, adding to the rounds and helping to make them interesting. Unlike bee’s team, I’ve never grown any grudges against any you all, and I don’t want that to happen. Playing on this server has given me many of the best experiences with admins I’ve had so far, so I beg for your pardon so we shall continue to have more wonderful moments together. I hope we can play together on friday,
Julius (Wright)

While there was indeed admin bus that round, you did plasma flood the ship intentionally. Combined with a rather full year of consistent notes on bee culminating in a recent perma there, I don’t have much confidence to offer. However due to the actual ban reason saying “Come back when you’ve cooled off”, I’m willing to probationarily accept. As I’ve noticed a consistent history of you acting out in similar manners when “bored” “irked” or similar however in situations that didn’t involve adminbus, do know that an eye will be open as to self control.