[Ansome] - atlasrules87 - meme channel ban

Discord Username: AtlasRules87
Discord Nickname: atlas
Discord User ID: #6493
Reason for ban: No memes containing the gamer word (thudner gave the warning but ansome changed the role)
#mod-log Case Number (if available): 673
Why should you be unbanned?: I posted a three part meme being Thanos photoshopped with three captions, being “struggle”, “grind”, "rise, with the songs Gangsta’s Paradise, Big Poppa, and Praise the Lord over the top, respectively. The issue here is Big Poppa by Notorious B.I.G and Praise the Lord by ASAP Rocky having the soft A n word. The fact I was muted over this is absolutely unfair due to several reasons.

  • The context of the usage (being referring to the rapper’s selves)
  • The persons who sang it, being black.
  • The fact that it’s a god damn rap song.

The sheer inflexibility of the blanket ban of all slurs leads to false positives like my case. Nobody is going to be offended over this, because it is, after all, a rap song sung by a black person. The rule should 100% be changed to allow fringe cases like these to not be punished for just having it in. An example rewrite could be: “No usage of any slurs directed towards a group of people or person via a meme, post, etc.”

Plus, I didn’t even know until Sharky told me about one song having it, and then after the mute, searching the song lyrics for myself. I didn’t remove it because I seriously didn’t think the rules would be so obtuse, and the following of them so straight, that I would seriously, honest-to-God get in trouble over a rap song’s lyrics.

That’s all.

@Ansome please take a look at this sooner or later, it’s been 3 days

I apologize for the delay in checking this, we were undergoing the change in management and there were many, many pressing development issues that needed my attention.

This meme channel restriction has not been handed out solely for the latest offense but rather as a culmination of all warnings handed out, of which you have at least 7 regarding the meme channels or slurs in general. You stated that you were unaware of our rules pertaining to music as well, but you received a warning two months prior explicitly stating “No memes with any variant of the gamer word, even the “soft a”, this includes in music.” This, combined with the fact you stated “I don’t care, they’re rap songs” after Sharkee told you it violated the rules just shows a clear disregard for them.

Nonetheless, after speaking with my fellow project lead we agreed to give you one LAST chance. I advise you to remember rules when we warn you about them and keep your attitude in check, your memespam restriction will be lifted but duly note we will hand it out again if you make another violation.