[Ansome] - Jefferyjefferson - Assistant Jobban ///ACCEPTED///

IC NAME: Jeffery Jefferson
BYOND KEY: Jefferyjefferson
DATE OF BAN: 2021-03-06 19:54:40

REASON FOR BAN :[2021-03-06 19:54:40 | note by ansome]
Banned from Roles: Assistant permanently - Assistant ban. Was told to stop exploiting any glitches he finds, continued to do so anyways. Maybe being forced to do an actual job will straighten you out and make you keep to your word.
YOUR APPEAL: I’d like to be unbanned from the assistant role as it is being completely reworked into marines, a job that i highly enjoyed during the test run. I admit that i was in the wrong for abusing the improperly set icon states on windows and overlooked construction time on cannonballs, they were overlooked by developers and thus were exploits and i shouldn’t of been using them past reporting the exploit after discovering it. I have played the server semi-actively since the ban, mostly as XO and fighter pilot, having a number of very memorable rounds, and with new content coming out i would prefer participate in it without taking up “important” job slots, because i was previously banned from a role that was reworked. Thank you for your time.

Despite past behavior on both this and other servers, you have thus far shown to be turning around in your behavior. Although it’s likely against my better judgement, I am going to accept this appeal despite your recent LRP note on the condition you improve your RP level and act on your best behavior. I’m not unbanning you from assistant/marine so you can play the new content, but in hopes you’ve actually changed your behavior and can stay out of trouble. Keep to your word on not abusing exploits and don’t mess up with your RP level or I’ll be far, far less lenient on you with regards to a future ban.

Appeal accepted, effective immediately - contact me if you’re still banned from the role as the marine role is built on top of the old assistant one.