[Ansome] - Skitarius - Permaban appeal ///ACCEPTED///

IC NAME: Vladimir Petrenko
BYOND KEY: Skitarius
DATE OF BAN: 30th of January, 2021 [30/01/2021] (Round ID: 1771)

REASON FOR BAN: Self-antagging: tried to kill an individual in maintenance with a toolbox and then promptly disconnected after dying.
YOUR APPEAL: Alright so let me explain this incident to the best of my memory as it happened nearly a year ago. Basically, I was in maints during a radiation storm (I think) and there was this other guy in a room in maints that I ended up in. I can’t remember his name but I recall him approaching me, which made me paranoid in thinking he was going to attack me and kill me, so I attempted to pre-emptively attack him instead. I admit that I really should’ve attempted to ascertain his intentions before I became aggressive, and that attacking someone like that isn’t necessarily the reaction of a sane or rational human being. The rules state that I shouldn’t have acted like that without reason, in retrospect, I see that, but at the time I did believe that I was in the right and that my violent response was justified.

Leaving after the incident was a rage reaction and not an attempt to avoid an admin-sit, as I did genuinely believe that I was the one who had been wronged at the time following the incident (I thought the guy was going to kill me before I attacked him, and therefore wouldn’t get in trouble with the admins). I may be retarded but I didn’t act like a lunatic on purpose.

Either way I think I’ve served my time on the ban list, but understand if you won’t unban me.

I’m also aware that Ansome is no longer an admin, will that change administrative procedure in dealing with one of his bans in any significant way?

Note: I’m applying now because I took a hiatus from SS13 this year, so I hadn’t had a reason to come back and appeal the ban until a friend of mine suggested I do it.

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Looking into the situation, it seems the perma aspect was primarily a “Come talk to us” ban, which you’ve now done. And considering the overall events I’m definitely willing to give you another go, and Altangy is too.