[Ansome] - SweeperOfTheSkie - Selfantagging ///DENIED///

IC NAME: Alfred Reachtovisky
BYOND KEY: SweeperOfTheSkies
DATE OF BAN: 2021-03-07 20;00;03
DURATION OF BAN: 14 days, starting from aforementioned date

REASON FOR BAN: Self-antagging by shouting “Death to NT” and pledging allegiance to the Syndicate after several warnings not to in the past, LRP behaviour, you got 2 weeks to get it together.
YOUR APPEAL: Not even half-way through serving and i`m already applying for an early unban.
Regardless, i am here to appeal and apologize for my LRP actions that took place last Sunday, being the end of the weekend i was hungover, irritated and stupid, drained from a lack of sleep and hydration.
As such, i ignored otherwise clear and obvious IC warnings from admins (Droppods containing NT posters) to cease my self-antagging speech, more or less jaywalking my way through them and continuing to spam comms with the same 3 words over and over.

The ban was justified and i have nothing claiming to the contrary.
As such, i am more or less appealing for an early parole.
I am aware that any other offenses made will result in a longer ban or permaban.

Our warnings were not only IC, but you were also told off by one of our headmins on a previous occasion to quit shouting “death to NT” and related. I understand you think this is a funny joke, but unless you’re a traitor or some manner of Syndicate crew in PVP, it’s not acceptable. We have higher standards of RP here, and you’ve been here long enough to know this.

I gave you two weeks as opposed to my standard ban of three weeks as a form of leniency, but I’m well aware we haven’t been nearly hard enough on you if you disregarded all our warnings up until this point. Even when I ticketed you, you did not show a scrap of remorse for your actions and asked for me to get out the ban hammer, I should not have been as lenient as I was, but this is the last scrap of leniency I’m giving you. In the past you’ve made bad decisions such as getting drunk at a late hour and deciding to play SEC, which resulted in one of your previous bans. I’m keeping the ban’s current length as it is in hopes you’ll understand the consequences of your actions and listen to administrators in the future, but if you continue to make poor decisions it will result in stricter administrative action.