Ansome - Troontjelolo1010 - Banned for comical (but self-antag) santa ///DENIED///

IC NAME: Jas-Chuna
BYOND KEY: Troontjelolo1010
DATE OF BAN: 2020-11-08
DURATION OF BAN: 14 days (10 days to go)
REASON FOR BAN: Too lazy to type it all out since I cant ctrlc+ctrlv, might aswell show da real deal trough Gyazo.
YOUR APPEAL: Although I agree a ban was justified, I think it should be reduced to only one week since this was my first major rule break, and never did all of this in bad faith, and that nobody except me died, even. First though, I want to point out a mistake in the ban reason. It says I was screaming “I am santa” in the armoury an that’s why the det and actingcap wanted to arrest me. This is not true. The det saw me in my office, the HoS office, and told the actingcap. Whilst the actingcap was still responding to that, they discovered/I revealed (One of the two, can’t remember) that I was the same person as the HoS, just in a santa uniform I got from a (based) admeme. When I saw the actingcap told the det to arrest me I stopped the det from doing so by tricking him into thinking I’d come out peacefully. They probably didn’t realise I could hear their comms. I tazered and cuffed him, and took him to the armoury to keep him hostage. After that, the actingcap walked into the armoury and with non-lethals I stunned him, beat him to a bloody pulp until he was crit, and took him to the brig phys. I got bwoinked telling me not to kill people, I then explained I hadn’t killed him and wasn’t planning on doing so. Admin then told me something about just not killing anyone, which in my defense, I never did in this story. I placed the acting in the stasisbed, told me I was a schizo, and I healed him. Unfortunatly for Santa (me) the det escaped the armoury with the AI’s help and after a small brawl lethal’d me to crit. Santa got arrested and send to the firing line with two medical staff in the “Blood splash zone”. After I got placed on the naughty list with bullets in my skull I got revived by said medical staff, shot again, etc. I even tried to escape once, alas, no success. When I had been brutally excecuted yet again (despite my phrasing, I found it hilarious and loved it) one of the medical staff took me to medbay, despite the other medical staffs protest. They revived me, took me to the morgue, went away for a moment, came back, and asked if I wanted my santa gear back. I said yes and they went away. I then proceeded to crawl into disposals, but during that, the other medical staff ran after me. After I arrived at cargo they yelled at me to surrender (Or something like that) but then had a change of heart and with the help of a miner got me onto the roci. I prepped, got a spare ID of a miner who pretended to have lost his old one, and went back on ship. After antagonizing the actingcap on comms as zombie santa, of course. I then kidnapped the MAA after a while when I cuffed him whilst he was SSD for a moment, took him to the roci and nuggetted him so he wouldn’t pull a detective. I, in retrospect, think I went a bit too far here but iirc in the end he never died and got his limbs back It was about 15 minutes of nugget for him after which he went to robo. After some negotiating with the actingcap he promised to come alone as a 2nd hostage. No nobody’s surprise, he didn’t come alone, shot at me after saying a badass one-liner and hit a fuel tank. During that, I got bwoinked! During a discussion in the bwoink/me being send to perma the actincap himself said in LOOC he found the situation funny and that was my objective to do so. I did this because it was fun for the crew. It was started due to odd circumstances and misscommunication from both sides, and ended in what I think is a deserved, but harsh ban. I would like to appease for a one week ban because even though these were some harsh violations, I did none of this in bad faith and in my own opinion, and the actingcap’s, made the round more interesting without killing anyone. It was self-antag, but not self-antag is in “lol plasmaflood” or “lol maxcap eat shit medbay”. Basically I request a “That was funny, but don’t do it again.” ban reduction. I have reread the rules, and I will admit some of the things I did I knew were “questionable”, but I didn’t intend it in bad faith and to ruin rounds for anyone.

PS: Sorry if there’s any typo’s. I got a bad case of cold fingers due to Dutch weather.

Also yes I know this is kind of silly to appeal for a two week ban but that eclipse got me actin’ strange and I want to play on it asap. Very selfish of me.

edit: editted some things to make more sense.

Over the course of my investigation, I received just enough details to warrant this 2-week ban, which, mind you, I intentionally made a mere 2 weeks as an act of mercy as this was your first major offense. Hearing that not only did you take one of the members of your department hostage while HOS (leading us to a total of 2 hostages) but also were bwoinked early in this and didn’t take the hint to recompose yourself makes me reconsider what length of a ban I would have given had I been aware of this.

Regardless, the ban will keep its current length. You may find it inconveniencing as you said because you do not get to participate in some new content immediately, but that’s the point. This is a punishment for breaking our rules regarding self-antagging and command conduct. While you do make a note saying that the acting captain reported having fun during this wild goose chase, you should take special note to consider the damage you did to the flow of the round as you halted the patrol during your antics. You are the head of security, a member of the crew that other command staff and crew members alike should be able to trust, these antics were way out of line. Were you an antagonist with viable objectives for this, it would have been acceptable, but I recommend you reconsider your choice of job preferences if you are not prepared to handle the responsibilities of a command role.

Ban remains at its current time, appeal denied.