ATC suggestions

ATC at the moment is mostly RP-based and is at best considered “That loud annoying voice on pilot comms”.
I was suggested to put my suggestions to “improve” ATC here by a few admins.

A: MAGCAT utility upgrades/improvements, allowing any parked fighter ontop to refuel faster than default, toggled on/off from the ATC console.
Optional repair and rearm upgrades/additions could be considered, would also make Magcats more than annoying speedbumps.

B: Two fancy new gadgets, the Glue gun and the Ammo satchel.
Glue gun, refilled using Hull Juice, apply to damaged fighter to repair it faster and easier than the usual welding method, cutting downtime for damaged craft immensely.
Ammo Satchel, using patented Bluespess™ , can carry bulky ammo crates for the fighters en masse, allowing faster re-arming, optionally could carry missiles/torps.
Allows ATC to moonlight as a Deck Chief/Mechanic on the side.

C: DRADIS targetting/debuffing.
The ATC can tag targets for the pilots to hunt down, for added incentive, tagged targets could either take a flat increase in damage or otherwise become easier prey such as slower speed, crippled flak/AA abilities and predictable manuevers.
How? Bluespace™️ son.

ATC rework is already on my list for unnamed project.

However the direction is completely different to this.