Athena413 - Admin Application (2) //CLOSED//

BYOND KEY:  Athena413
DISCORD ID: athena#5690
USUAL IC HANDLE: Persephone Halsey (Human), SUPER.Intendant (Robo)
EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: 800+ hours on Yogstation13. 105 hours on NSV13.
EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13: Yogstation - over a period of three months.
YOUR TIME-ZONE: Central Standard / Central Daylight time
AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOURS ACTIVE PER WEEK: at least 4 hours, most weeks. currently cannot play on late fridays and during peak saturday hours as of recent though. :(
YOUR MOTIVATION: NSV has a lack of admins, adminning is fun sometimes, and I want to help run events. Also to post :vibecheck: in admin channels
Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you? same reasoning as before - good experience with SS13 (nearing 1000 hours!), with mostly clean administration records. No notes on NSV, only 10 notes and no bans on Yogstation. I can provide Yogs notes if asked
WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: same answer as my motivation: more admins is good, adminning is fun, running events is fun
QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER: same as in my previous application - don't be a shithead. an asshole staff member sucks even if theyre a "good" admin.

The questions mostly stay exactly the same except for question 4.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?
overall i think adminbus is fine as long as everybody affected by it is funny or it makes the round more interesting for the players. if it fucks up the round or the flow of the round for one or more of the players, you shouldnt do it.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?
the purpose of antagonists exists to make ss13 into the unique gameplay experience that it is, NSV included. they should be given freedom to make the round more interesting for the crew. lines should be drawn when it comes to killing people or destroying parts of the station/ship

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?
again, this really depends on the scenario. if this was elaborated upon i could maybe answer it?

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?
yogstation, for at least a year, allowed a pedophile ERPer to remain on the server despite clear evidence of this happening both inside the game and on the discord up until the evidence was brought back AGAIN and then rejected. at least one of the senior-admins had to have some kind of discussion (described to me as an ass-reaming though i dont know what actually happened) with them in order to get them to actually do *anything* about it. worst spacemans drama i've ever had to deal with

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?
staff exists to make ss13 as interesting as it is, because there’s ALWAYS going to be That Guy who has to either A:“win” the round, or B:kill everyone and ruin their fun. without admins you would have to basically lobotomize all of the soul and fun of the game, in order to keep it playable.


If somebody generally accuses you of acting out of sorts as an admin, what would you do? what actions would you take for somebody accusing you of acting unbefitting of an admin.

Your answer provides a rather specific example, but gives no idea of what you consider the threshold. Is literally anything short of that example not considered abuse of power by you? Where does that line sit. The question tends to provide us an idea of bracket/range when compared to #1

gonna cancel the application since i just am not feeling it right now. sorry