Bamhalazam's Admin Application aka. the response to few admins - //DENIED//

BYOND KEY: Bamhalazam

DISCORD ID: bamhalazam #1477

USUAL IC HANDLE: Wanton Lampoon (moth), Emmanuel Hincken (human), W-A-N-T-O-N (synth)
Right off the bat, I would like to say that I joined in the ssethtide. The game seemed just the type of game to do what you can’t in real life, you want to build a goddamn new room? Sure! Want to go explore space? You can do it, abandoned ruins are there! Are you up for a engineering challenge? There it is! Naturally, I wanted to learn all of the things that I could do and was very receptive towards them, as we all know, a person who is interested learns a lot more about a topic than a person who is disinterested. I have been playing for basically every month, weekdays on and off, weekends sometimes too. I consider myself mildly to heavily seasoned on some codebases, although I am relatively new to codebases like Escalation, I have been playing on most of the basics such as Goon, Bee, CM, Aurora, Baystation and TG for quite some time now.

Next to none, however when I was and still am coding, I messed about with admin commands and have gotten myself pretty familiar with them. That was the technical side and my experience with administration as a job. As per people, I think administrators are generally professional and I have had a nice experience with all of you, both players and administrators! I admit, I have had quite a few run-ins with admins bwoinking me for my mischievous behavior and experimenting with stuff that I shouldn’tve.

YOUR TIME-ZONE: GMT +3, Tallinn.


Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you?: Why you should accept me over other applicants? Well, I want to make the game fun! It’s a childish approach, I know, but it’s a game. It’s here to be fun. Administrators are there to preserve the balance and to put people back in their bounds, the people who are ruining others’ fun, and to help people, players, coders or whoever in whatever way possible, or so I think. As such I believe that motivation and willpower is needed for admins to do all of their duties and help folks. I think, I assume admin work is complex, and difficult, but maybe a touch of hard work and common sense is all it takes to be a good admin. You could learn, what, why and how, for example, why some people get mad at some things, what not to do as an admin, what is fun, and having the willpower to go through the hard times and some very weighty cases. You or I, or whoever as an admin has quite a lot of sway in the community aswell, it can be used for good! TL;DR, I want to not do dumdum thing.

You know that one really good admin who is always there for whoever needs him? The one that just is pleasant to have around and is just generally creating a chill atmosphere in the game. Yeah, I strive to be that guy.

Common sense, self control, self reflection (very important imo), reliability, knowledge of code, knowledge of rules, compassion and finally objectivity.

-------------------SECTION TWO OF THE APPLICATION-------------------

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?:
When KMC is on, of course! Seriously talking though, I think when the folks (players) ask for it, when it’s ABSOLUTELY needed for gameplay or to fix a bug and finally when telling a story, examples being Czanek and his mech, CzanekCo representative flying the XO to meet Admiral Halsey, Janitorial ERT and so forth.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?:
As much freedom as they need to complete their objectives (except for sexual assault and other nonsensical station destruction madness murderbone gameplay-removal stuff. Seriously, it’s no good when half of the crew dies to one person.)

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?:
Well, first of all I would enquire what my mistake was and whether or not there is correcting it. If there is correcting it, I would tell my mistake to a headmin and would ask how to correct it, as I just genuinely have no experience in being an admin and want to learn. If I was falsely accused, I would ask a headmin and present evidence (if applicable and if any) that I did no such thing, and investigate it further with the rest of the admins/moderators. As in being unfair, it’s not objective. I would ask the person that I was unfair to what I did wrong in his eyes and from there, I would correct my mistake or explain to him my decision to perform an action that seemed unfair to him/her.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?:
There are plenty of examples of power abuse. Anything that would be malicious towards somebody, for example. That is not being an admin at that point, that is being a cunt that is using his power to enact revenge on somebody who might have done something to the admin before. An example of this would be metagrudge banning somebody without just reason because they did something a while back that pissed the (at the time) non-admin off that they couldn’t forget. Or, when you play outside of the rules yourself and have another admin cover you just because you are an admin. Maybe making somebody ERP with you to avoid a ban. Or even making events that are plain out crew murder for your fun, not the general players’ fun.

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?: The players are the protagonists and the staff are sidekicks in my eyes. They’re there to be the invisible hands, the masters of the world, lorebuilders perhaps, perhaps storytellers, sometimes, although I hope rarely, they are the gods that smite the wrongdoer. Of course, I believe they should act professionally, compassionately and discretely. I do not think many people want info leaks about their mishaps. And mishaps happen, that’s why compassion is needed. Honestly, I don’t think rules are to be followed by the letter sometimes. Life can take unexpected turns and so can events on Space Station 13 or in this case, the NSV13. There always is another side of the story, and as I said mishaps happen. So, instead of banning a player for fucking up, you can and should teach them why not and HOW not to screw up again, it’s a good practice to keep players in the game, always.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is just a fantastic game and I want to be apart of it’s basically Dungeon Master crew. Keeping players in the game might be hard and sadly might not always be an option, but I will try. This was a rant, and I might not be the best admin, but eh, worth a shot.

Best of luck to all of you who read it,

  • Bamhalazam, PhD at being a Dumbass
[2021-03-13 20:58:31 | note by ansome]
Banned from the server for 1 month - Joined as a late-join QM, got in an argument with the acting QM about them bleeding all over the cargo bay, got in a shove fight and ultimately overescalated by murdering them with a shotgun. Disconnected after dying before they could be ticketed. Please re-read our rules on overescalation.

We’re going to close this and come back to it at a later time if you’re still interested. On main impression though it seems like you’re mainly interested in adminbus over actual administration.