Ban Appeal Merkel //DENIED//

Ic Name: Leon Krause

Byond Key: Merkel

Date of the Ban: 23.01.2023

Time: Permanent

Admin: DarkEmber45

Reason for the Ban: “Made a medspray with oil and napalm then sprayed it on Tori.Without being a traitor,disconnected before being PMed.”

I would want to appeal for the ban because i realy want to play NSV 13 again i know that i broke Rule 3
i dont think the ban wasn`t unrightfull but as i said earlyer i realy want to play again even if it is my last chance.

Considering your ban was permanent we’d need another server to vouch for you. Please get one from an admin and add it to the thread whenever you manage to get it.

Closing this appeal due to the lack of a response that included a vouch, as requested. Feel free to create a new appeal if you get one.