Ban Appeal on Ban-evasion-bot malfunction //ACCEPTED//

[rukofamicom] - Ggefg - banned me for ban evasion

IC names: Juan Hayhurst,Erebus Heretak, Vimoux Cragron
Byond Key: Ggefg
Date of Ban: (doesnt say)
Duration Of Ban: Perma until appealed

Admin Byond Key: Rukofamicom the Anti-Ban-Evasion Bot
Reason for ban: ban evasion
my appeal: i have not ban evaded and was banned by the ban evasion bot, may i please be unbanned?

Looking into it to see what’s up.

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When I asked about the system, you also got cleared and vouched for by two different people. [ACCEPTED]

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I am still currently banned, can you check if you have un-banned me please?