Ban Appeal on Discord 22.09.2022 //ACCEPTED//

Discord - Decidedly Nicki - Sillysoap - Banned for testing admins, posting explicit material

Discord Username: Sillysoap
User ID: Sillysoap#0467
Reason for Ban: stop posting p*rn and testing admins
mod-log Case: 842

I didnt mean in any way to test the admins and meant it as a joke because of the previous posts by other users that were NSFW, though totally understand the reason for banning me for the NSFW image and admit it to have crossed the line.

I really wish to be allowed back to the Discord may it be without able to type in chat because i really adore reading and seeing the work being done on the events and lore channels on your discord.

PS: I would like to note that i have not been warned or pinged but immediatly booted off the server, no idea if thats being done for bans aswell

Know if any nsfw posts don’t get caught, it’s purely by chance. I’ll let you back in this time.