BanAppeal on the Byond Name Ggefg //ACCEPTED//

[Shedowtnt] - Ggefg - ‘‘griefing’’

ICname: (i dont remember my IC name)
DateOfBan: 2021-01-24 22:53:56
AdminByondKey: Shedowtnt
ReasonForBan: griefing ‘‘As an non-antag, ignited the plasma flooring on the emergency shuttle (disco inferno) and disconnected before i could pm them.’’
Appeal: everyone in that shuttle room were trying to kill me because they misunderstood the sec officers thinking i released a bad virus, none of them listened to me and i threatened them to stop attacking me while holding a welder and they didnt so i lighted the floor causing the attackers to burn and i didnt instantly leave after i died to plasmafire i waited for a admin to ask me ‘‘why did you do that?’’ so i can explain them this but no one pmd me so i tought they saw what happened but it appears they did not (first time appeal tell me if i did wrong)

Alright lets ill start by saying your appeal is not following the template (you are lacking duration of ban)

Setting fire to the escape shuttle just because people were acussing you of doing something bad is not an reasonable action. When i got to adminpm you were already disconnected, so i permabanned you so we could discuss this in the forums.

Please explain why you though igniting plasma in an shuttle made of plasma was an good idea to get away from people trying to kill you

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i was half robot and there was no way to escape, the only weapon i had on me were tools so i expected them to get more damage than me edit: they were trying to kill me not just acussing and i dont think i can edit the post again to add ban duration

If that is the case its still not correct to set fire to the entire shuttle as an non antag, you ended up killing alot of people than most likely werent even hunting you down.
The reason why this ban was perma is merely because you disconnected before i could pm
I am willing to unban you and give you an chance, be more careful next time

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