-banned for reasons - //ACCEPTED//

IC NAME: John Gregson
BYOND KEY: Fergatron
DATE OF BAN: 06/11/2020

REASON FOR BAN: “metagameing greifing and said a slur"

YOUR APPEAL I don’t really know for sure the exact reasons why i was banned i will hazard i guess that the greifing was me welding sec doors shut after they beat up and arrested me i only did it as i knew it would be of of only slight annoyance to sec and they would fix it extremely quickly so i didn’t think it would be a major issue.
the “slur” i assume that was when i said the word ligger which i was boinked about by an admin and they said that it was still considered a slur but to be fair i didn’t know this as the rules state:

Do not try and spoil the fun for other people.
“Dickish” and “harassment” type of behaviour is not allowed. This includes usage of in-real-life racist slurs in either OOC or IC.

the rules say “real life racist slurs” so when i read the rules i assumed ligger would not be included as it is a fictional word about a fictional species and i did not say it again after the admin boniked me (i dont know if its the same admin that banned me i cannot remember) and i dont see how i can be banned for something that wasn’t made clear in the rules and after i was warned i did not say again

when it comes to metagameing and correct me if i thought the definition of metagameing was knowing things about game mechanics that you shouldn’t ic but the rules state:

Do not use information gained outside of in character means.
I.e… metagaming. This especially refers to communication between players outside of the game via things like Skype, known as metacomms. Characters are otherwise allowed to know everything about ingame mechanics or antagonists, as well as keep persistent friendships or relationships with other characters when not for the purpose of unfair advantage by teaming up together for little IC reason.

this rule says that you can basically know everything about in-game mechanics so i would have thought that that would have made metagameing not a thing

@shedowtnt - Hey dude, here is an appeal for you.

Alright first things off, your title isnt in acordance with the appeal form

Secondly, the metagaming and griefing part of your ban refer to your previous notes

Ligger is counted as an slur because of the «gger» part, which is similar to the n-word

With the approval of other admins i could remove the ban
Thanks for reading and have an good day

so are you not allowed to say any words that end in igger like digger bigger and rigger
and is ligga okay

i dont understand am i geting unbanned or do i need to submit another thing for that round

you know very well thats not what i meant
your using an descrimatory word agaisnt an race and it sounds very familiar to the n-word
Fictional or not it is still an slur

And you dont need to make another appeal, you just need to wait for the aproval of other admins

Hi, I might be able to help here.

“Ligger” is used as a substitute for the gamer N word but applied to lizards. Due to some people using it as an alternative to prior word (and just to cover all of our slur related bases) we push it under the same rule.

The “metagame griefing” portion of the ban comes from an incident noted down an hour prior to your ban in where you hunted down and murdered someone who murdered you after you had been cloned.

The short span in between events allows us to chain them together for ban reasons.

Hope this clears that up.

Ok thank you very much.

Just want to make sure, this appeal has been withdrawn, or is it still active? It’s gone silent for several days.

its still active i am still banned i just don’t know really want i need to do i asked if i needed to submit another appeal as i was banned the round after the events i was banned for so when submitting the appeal i assumed it was due to something i did in the round that i was banned but i was told that would not be necessary.

@shedowtnt let’s get this wrapped up please.

Alright im willing to accept the appeal
just remember next time than ALL slurs are banned

Thank you very much, i will be sure to remember that