Boarding pods to speed up the boarding worldstop

The current way to board any ship is to fly there and board it, with maybe an additional changeup of carrying a hand tele.

How about adding another way that includes boarding pods that just go to the ship and back or make something akin to the syndicate drop pod [the 3x3 one] so more people can man the pod?
It would make boarding smoother, take less time with the planning and make the world resume earlier instead of taking 30 minutes and half the muni just leaving in boredom.

It could also ease the load on the main ship instead of destroying every ship on the map, you could send a duo of seccies to deal with the more challenging to blow-up ships and some work to the security which is currently only useful for just stopping the 1 insane guy during high pop.

The takeaway from NT drop pods would be not having to pause the game for too long due to boarding and actual sec job.