Bobbanz - Admin Application //CLOSED//

BYOND Key: Bobban

Discord ID: Bobbanz1#6805

Usual IC Handle: Ruby Kanson/Ascalon/Pink Jackson

Experience with SS13:

I started playing SS13 back in the year of 2015, during which my English skills were practically non-existent.

If I remember correctly I used to play on Yogstation and TGstation a lot back then before I lost interest in the game for a couple of years until I eventually stumbled upon it again, this time with an actual ability to write in English.

I don’t exactly recall when I rejoined the world of SS13 but I do recall that I eventually stumbled upon FTL13 and stuck around for a while, occasionally playing whenever there was a test until the server closed down, after which I started focusing more on education until FTL13 announced the existence of NSV13.

I first joined NSV13 during the year of 2019 and was instantly hooked on its concept and gameplay, although struggling somewhat with the concept of roleplaying but eventually gaining a hang of it.

Fast-forward until now, a grand total of 3 years, and I’ve become part of the NSV13 Wiki Team, I have recently started trying to code for the server using the experience gained from trying to understand the code in order to maintain the Wiki.

Currently as of Today (2022-10-18)
I have a grand total of:
1213 Hours worth of Playtime.
1135 of those Hours were spent Alive.
The remaining 78 Hours were spent Dead or Observing.

Experience with Administration in SS13:
I have some knowledge regarding what the various tabs do, contain and what certain buttons do, however I have no experience in actually administrating.

In terms of experience with Administrators in SS13?

I have some experience with Admins, previously it has usually been because of having fucked up due to being too immature, usually followed by eating a ban which is evident by my permaban status on Paradise Station which was acquired a few weeks after starting to play the game.

I’m also job banned from the Silicon roles on TGstation, again due to having been too immature whilst playing the game back then.

Regarding the NSV13 Administration team, based upon my experience with them, they are kind people who you can approach if there are any issues or if someone is being a jackass in-game.

Your Time-Zone:
Google is being somewhat confusing but it has spat out these two words: (CEST) and (GMT+2)

Average Amount of Hours Active Per Week: 2.5h - 9h
(Sometimes higher)

Your Motivation: I want to help the Admin Team as they’re stretched thin and I’ve noticed that it’s starting to take a toll on them, they need time to decompress away from the game.

Time which can only be gained by having more people able to administrate while they are away regaining the sanity they need to do this.

The time I could spend administrating is time they can use to decompress away from the game, time they can spend doing things they like doing, all the while I’d help keep the game enjoyable for those playing it.

Why do you want to be a Staff Member:
At the core of it all, I want to help people, whether it be admins or players, I want to help keep this game enjoyable and playable for those playing it, ensuring it remains a place where people can have fun playing a silly game on a server about ship to ship combat.

Rather than a dumpster fire with people constantly spamming the N-word over OOC and nobody is playing the game because they’ll instantly get killed by two greytiders.

Qualities that are Important for a Staff Member:
Kindness, Reasonable, A willingness to hear both sides, Patience, Honesty, Helpfulness and Tolerance.

1: When is it okay to Adminbus?

When you are confident in your ability to handle any resulting backlash or chaos.

  • An example being an object that’s now in the hands of a mass murderer who’s using it to slaughter the entire crew because you fucked up.

You are confident that it will not disrupt the round in any major way unless the round is already sufficiently disrupted to a point where it can’t be recovered without outside interference.

  • An example being a full on xenomorph infestation that has killed most of the crew and the captain is begging for an Emergency Response Team to help.

  • Another example is doing something for ghosts, on central command or CTF, in the event that they have already been permanently taken out of the round.

2: What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?

The Antagonists are the hands of the current round Storyteller, each round has its own storyteller that decides how the round is going to go.

Sometimes the Storyteller decides to be kind and not throw a gigantic quantities of destructive events at the players, and sometimes it just decides to emulate Randy Random by throwing everything to the wind.

However as the Storyteller is just a subsystem that randomly does stuff and has no control over the antagonists, you need to keep an eye on them, they are there to drive the story onwards and keep the round entertaining.

If they were given the objective of hijacking the shuttle then yes they may kill the entire crew assuming that somehow works towards hijacking the shuttle.

If they were only given steal objectives and are currently slaughtering the crew, (slaughtering counting as killing more than five people whilst not even trying to get the objects they need to steal, IE killing the entire munitions staff whilst having the objective to steal the nuke core).

Then they need to be reigned in as they are no longer focusing on keeping the round going and are actively working towards ending it with no justifiable reason.

3: What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?

I would step back, ask another admin to take over, and escalate the situation to a staff member of a higher rank for investigation.

4: What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?

Some examples are the following:

  • Literally deleting someone from the round without a reason.
  • Banning someone without hearing their side of the story.
  • Banning someone without informing them why.
  • Randomly banning a random person.

5: What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?

The staff are the caretakers of the server, they exist to ensure the server remains enjoyable and playable to those who use it.

They are there to help people and as such they should be approachable by the players.

The players should not fear asking the admins for help, if they do fear the admins then something has gone horribly wrong.

The Staff should be open and approachable, they should be kind and willing to help whilst being patient with the players, they should also be capable of knowing when they’ve hit their own limit and step back before they lash out at players.

Most importantly however, they should never ever be feared by the Players

Application withdrawn by the applicant. Reapply another time if you are interested again.