Bridge Staff actually being respected

Give bridge staff more responsibilty and assume an actual command role. Right now its not very fun to be out of bridge not firing weapons at syndicate ships. There is absoluelty nothing cool to them or anything memorable.

My solution, give them more accesories like berets or officer clothing instead of the exectutive weird blue collar look to mirror actual naval officers. Have them be 3rd in command under captain and not be bellow a CMO. They should have issued pistols as traditional carry sidearms as standard. You may say “why would they have guns when security has them and its their job to deal with dangerous situations” well the bridge is the most importaint part of the ship during combat. If there is even a possibliy of danger to the bridge, then those that are able to defend it are also the highest in command. It just doesnt make any sense for them to intentionally put themselves in danger.

Pistols are allowed to be carried for officers in submarines, for the military, and the navy under certain mission specifications. I understand why people would think letting bridge staff having guns would be an occupational hazard. However if you feel like they are not responsible to be able to carry a firearm then why allow them to assume command of the ships navigation and weapons? Bridge staff is not memorable its not fun there are no toys with it. Give them some love its such a cool rp opportunity on bridge absoluelty wasted and feels like a corporate drone