BulkaGoblina ban appeal //DENIED//

Server Ban

TOPIC NAME: Bluewasabi24 - BulkaGoblina - ban appeal

IC NAME: Nick Angel
BYOND KEY: BulkaGoblina
DATE OF BAN: 7/8/2023
ADMIN BYOND KEY: Bluewwsabi24
REASON FOR BAN: no slurs in my good server. get out
YOUR APPEAL: I don’t believe that implying a slur and actually saying a slur are different things. Moreover, I did not use it in any derogatory context. I just implied the existence of the slur itself without calling anyone names specifically. Even then, if it does breach the rules, it is not the same as using a macro to spam the N**** word over comms 9001 times a second. That would warrant a permaban. This does not. I expect a tempban, any duration, within reason (less than a month).
And yes, I told the admin to fuck off and suck my balls in Ahelp because I did not want to waste their time anyway. When an admin PMs you about “got a minute”, their mind is already set. I just sped up the process and skipped the part where they pretend to care about what you have to say in your defense, before proceeding with the decision they made even before they ahelped you. I directly said that I will not waste their time and wish my time be wasted not on this matter. However I did not expect that such a miniscule issue would be blown into a full permament ban. Please alter the ban according to actual rulebreaking commited.

Would not be very cool to be sentenced to life in prison after stealing a pack of sour patch kids, would it?

Oh, and the mandatory. Am I sorry about what I did? No. Will I do that again? Also no. It was a joke that did not mean to offend or attack anyone. So I see no reason why I should be sorry about it. However since everyone is so thin skinned and cannot take a simple joke, I will refrain from this in the future.

So why are you wasting our time here if you didn’t want to take the time in the ahelp?

I told you, I was expecting a tempban. I can wait a tempban. I cannot wait a permanent ban. I knew they would ban me anyway. So I just skipped the boring “why you did that” part.

Fun fact: When we bwoink people we don’t automatically know if we’re going to ban someone. In other words, if you want a ban, you’ll get a ban. If it was an honest mistake, then we can just warn you and put a note in to document things. What effort you put in is the same effort you get out. If you put in no effort to justify why you should be permitted to remain on the server then the admin will put in no effort to justify why you should be permitted to remain on the server.

If I bonk someone for something I am initially thinking is probably just going to be a note and they go “Oh just fuck off” then I’m going to just go click the permanent ban button, because that makes my life easier, and it makes the lives of every other admin who would have had to deal with that same response in the future easier.

There was nothing I could’ve said to convince the admin otherwise. No matter what had I said, I would still be permabanned, there’s no doubt in my mind that this is true. It is not my fault that the admin wanted to perma me. Because if he didn’t, he hadn’t.

Simply said, I gave the upgrade to perma when you told the admin to ‘suck your nuts’. Our initial plan if I recall was to warn/tempban based on interactions and we were genuinely not set on anything other than talking, Having observed both your discord interactions and Ahelp interactions you created a self fulfilling prophesy.

SS13 admins NEVER do anything based on ahelp interactions, I have 7 years of experience and never have I ever had a meaningful interaction with an admin that realistically changed the outcome if I hadn’t talked to the admin in ahelp or talked differently. So I call bullshit on this one.

And if it is true, here I am now, not telling you to suck on my balls now, am I? You’re not changing your decision though, so I guess that proves me right.

Garbage in, garbage out. Your behavior is consistent with notes from when you started playing on NSV three years ago and still got into trouble. I’d just say let’s all not waste our time any further and sustain this ban.

I was right. All along. Hope you’ll have a terrible day. Why did you tell me to try and appeal if you never planned on unbanning is beyond me.

And fuck you, you’re the garbage here.