Can we get rid of mail

In my experience playing on NSV the mail gimmick is nothing more than annoying, it was an interesting gimmick for like the first 2 rounds but after that it just became annoying to deal with. There is no real reason to open mail except maybe getting a easily obtainable item such as a vending machine drink or a small cash sum. due to the lack of reason to open mail little people want to so the mail just piles up somewhere slowly growing as the round progresses.
i am not a coder i don’t know how mail was added but could you please consider removing it as i do not believe it adds anything to the game other than annoyance.
yours sincerely,

John Gregson

Toning it down so that not every shuttle has a mail crate might be a good idea. Maybe a 1 in 5 chance?

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yeah i whould be fine with that