Coloss - Admin Application //ACCEPTED//

Before, we start, I would like to present myself, I’m Calvin, 19 years old, French SS13 players, living in France. I’m a fan of computer games, and for a living I take care of Children in schools as an animator. Now that it is done, let’s get to my app:

BYOND KEY: Coloss260
DISCORD ID: Coloss#6699

EXPERIENCE WITH SS13: I’ve been playing this game for quite some years now, and I’m still playing it. At my beginnings I was playing Paradise Station (BIG error, since Paradise is only furries and shitmins). Since I was banned from Paradise, I tried a lot of small servers, and popular ones (CM, Citadel, Eris, Yogstation, Fulpstation, Hippie Station). I was then playing on the TG Codebase, especially Manuel. And now, here I am, playing here.

EXPERIENCE WITH ADMINISTRATION IN SS13: I’ve never had any administration experience, though I did had a lot of private servers where I could try commands with friends.


AVERAGE AMOUNT OF HOURS ACTIVE PER WEEK: About something like 20h per week, I don’t really know?

YOUR MOTIVATION: I may have joined the server not a long time ago, I REALLY enjoy it since it’s open 24/7. I’ve been playing a lot of Captain, and I think I might be good at it. That’s what makes me want to join the Admininistration Team. I’ve had a lot of fun on this server, and for once I want to help the Team behinds it. Also be part of events, take my time to help people in the need.

Why do you think we should accept you over other applicants? Why do you think you are qualified? Why should we trust you? I have the maturity to handle important matters, aswell I have the time to do it. I’ve played a lot of SS13 rounds, and I know things works around there. SS13 is one /if not/ my favourite game, and I spend a lot of time on it. I know I may have been perma-banned from Paradise, but this is the only server in which I’ve been banned, on my years of SS13, and also Paradise is a shitty server (CHANGE MY MIND).

WHY DO YOU WANT TO BE A STAFF MEMBER: Because I wanted to actually help the ones behind this pretty neat project. I’ve never been a staff member in any server, and I might want to try it for once, to get in the hordes of the evil adminbus that BWOINKS FOR NO REISIN.

QUALITIES THAT ARE IMPORTANT FOR A STAFF MEMBER: I think Staff Members must have the maturity to handle things, also they must be present, nice to people in general, but able to talk harsh if needed. But, the most important aspect, they must have a Steel Mind to counter the tides.

#1 When is it okay to Adminbus?
When there is a low amount of players, that has pretty much nothing to do, or when you want to entertain a lot of people, to spice up their round, by having some fun with them, Adminbus can be pretty fun, but also pretty boring (I’ve seen some that were really ruining the round). So I think it’s important that the players are okay with it.

#2 What is the purpose of antagonists and how much freedom should they have?
The purpose of Antagonists is to spice up the round, by adding an hostile malignous being that seeks to do crimes, in order to give the crew in general some anxiously dosed action. Their freedom must be limited to their objectives, and their own survival. They shouldn’t be killing anyone if that one isn’t one of his targets, or isn’t threatening him in any direct way.

#3 What would you do if you were accused of abusing your power / being unfair and how would you react?
I would first ask HOW I am abusing my power, and I would try to talk to the ones that accuses me, be someone that I’ve banned, or anyone else. If I took an action that would have been declared as “Abusive”, I would talk to anyone from the Staff to see if my action was indeed abusive, or not, and explain to the ones that accuses me, why it was a justified act.

#4 What do you think qualifies as an abuse of power?
Helping a friend by giving them special rights/items/power without any IC or OOC reason to do it, other than “He’s my friend”. Banning someone for any reason that does not break any rule by any mean, but that just pisses me off. In contrario, piss off people randomly, thinking my Admin status protects me. Giving myself, when not in admin state, extra rights/items/power.

#5 What is the purpose of staff and how do you think they should act?
The purpose of Staff is to protect the players from other players that does not seek to play with other for fun, but rather seek to ruin the fun in general for their own sake. Their purpose is also to animate rounds, in order to make things more interesting for the players. They should act in order to make everyone enjoy their game, and kicking out players that does not respect rules and ruins the fun.

Thank your for reviewing my application, I am open for any answer, and I hope it is complete enough for you to have enough knowledge about me.

Overall this is a really well written application, unfortunately as you conceded you’re relatively new to NSV, and without significant prior admin experience we can’t really gauge how you hold yourself as a player. Come back around the 50 hour point with no major notes and we’ll definitely be able to take a look at this. -1

I understand that my lack of playtime weights a lot on it, and that it makes me kinda “Unknown” to the server, so I’ll keep playing, thanks for reviewing it!

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I’d like to know what this was.

I’d like to know what this was.

"As an IAA, sent a fax to the Captain telling them that they have a order/deal from NT/CC to abuse and kill the Clown to get pay/bonuses/rewards for the Station. " I know I can’t really say something like “NUH THAT’S WRONG BRUH”, but I only called for abusing Clown, not killing :roll_eyes:

Also, I was starting SS13 at that time, I’ve changed my schemes of roleplay

Update 11/05

50h playtime was achieved successfully!
No major notes (no admin remarks at all btw) was written, so I hope I fulfill your expectations :slight_smile:
See ya for the reviewing, Sergei :wink:

Overall like I said before this is a fairly well written out application. At this point with a review of everything I’m willing to drop a +1

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I’d like to know what happened with the CE in brig yesterday/the day before. But overall your Captain play is a bonus towards you with actually getting crew ready and doing pre-emptive GQ. Though some of the shipnames have been meh.

We’ve had an argument with the Chief Engineer (I won’t give a name for privacy reasons), I was playing Captain at this moment, knowing him from previous rounds the first thing I told him was “Please do Engineering stuff this round, repairs, etc, no more teslas or Singularities” (we were on lowpop), the first thing he answered was “Shut the fuck up Bitch”, and kept calling people “Dog” and names like that. The Command crew (mainly), decided to act against him because we had an acting CE that was doing a better job than him. Since we had no Security, we decided to detain him in CiC and force him to see what he did wrong, and apologize. We, of course, planned on releasing him afterwards (I did at least).

He decided to ahelp for this, which I understand in a certain way, instead of just think about his own faults. An Admin arrived, and messaged me, I explained this to him, and he took care of it, as we released the CE (which resulted into himself suiciding). I have no further knowledge about what happened to him afterwards.

About the shipnames, we were in the “Mood” of these christmas events we had, so I was in a funny mood, of course they do not say anything about me.

Aighty, overall checks out to me, +1

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@Francinum please get the burlap sack and brainwashing package for our newest administrator assuming @kmc2000 doesn’t have any outright objections.

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QUICK EDIT: I changed my Discord tag to: Coloss#8751

All good with me, looks good!

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Thanks a lot to all of you, I’ll make sure to be a good badmin!