[Coloss260] - CalictuS - Metacommunications //DENIED-STALE//

IC NAME: Maksim Vycheslav
DATE OF BAN: 2020/11/16
DURATION OF BAN: Permanent ban

REASON FOR BAN: Obvious use of metacommunications with Hertz5352 and not responding to bwoinks.
YOUR APPEAL: Hello again. Lord, I am so ashamed of being here for the second time because im look like cringe clown who does not understand what the words “rule” and “observe” mean… If I understood correctly the meaning of the word “metacommunication” then yes, I used discord to communicate with a friend / classmate. I showed my classmate the basics of the game and how to play it. I advised to go to nsv. due to the fact that the sound of the game interrupted the sound of the discord, I turned it off and because of this I did not hear bwoinks. despite this, I am again ready to bear the full punishment. Unfortunately, I just have no idea how to explain the basics of the game to a friend without using discord.I apologize for my grammar, I’m just an idiot from Russia who did not learn English well.

Hello there, I’m the Administrator that applied this ban to you.

I am willing to unban both of you, but next time, if you want to teach your friend how to play, make sure to ahelp before doing anything, and also keep an eye on your in game chat, if you don’t have your sound on. Be aware that if this happens again, you will receive the same sanction.


Just a bit of a boost for this appeal since it’s gone stale. @CalictuS your input is desired.

Final signal boost for the applicant to keep this appeal alive before it is discarded as stale.

Appeal CLOSED due to lack of response.