Crew Objectives "mega" thread

Discussions about potential crew objectives are clogging up #development in Discord a bit and also get lost in scroll. I think we should concentrate them here. Post your ideas below.

An order 66 crew objective. A strange hailing message gets announced and sleeper agents activate on ship to mutineer against the captain and any NT crew. Most NT ships seem to have been taken over by mutineers. Who is friend, or foe when you see an allied ship come close? You as captian now rush to NT planetary HQ to protect it from total destruction. What will happen when the planet is destroyed? Will the captain surrender or keep on fighting till the very end?

Your ship is captured by a syndicate vessel, you and the rest of the crew are taken to a prison ship for intended interrogation. Now you need to find ways to escape and secure a vessel to meetup with a NT ship. Or possibly the ship has to rescue the crew imprisioned inside.

A NT base has been left abandoned by ships due to the system falling into syndicate controll. Your crew are tasked to rescue the trapped people stuck defending untill rescue. Is there syndicate attacking the base or something else? Would this base be a secret science facility? Is the indegenous primitive population attacking the base? Or creatures attacking wave after wave

After the captain orders a number of the crew along with security to board on an heavily damaged syndicate ship, one crewmember finds a document starting a timed event of the complete destruction of a sector. The syndicate have a secret weapon to implode a star and turn it into a black hole. This singularity will destory a key highly contested NT mining belt. Your ship is tasked to destory the ship channeling the weapon onto the star. Will the crew stop the star from imploding, what will happen if they fail? What will happen if they get sucked into the black hole?

After a malfunctioning AI has killed all the crew and used their brains to convert it into cyborgs. Some crew remain human but wear cardboard cut outs of robots to fool the cyborgs. The ai is now captain and are heading to NT HQ to upload the AI to now be apart of all electronic systems of the all of nanotrasen. Are the humans on the ship able to stop the ai in time? Are the cyborgs able to attack NT successfully?

You and the entire crew wake up after a zombie infection disease spreads throughout the crew. You as a zombie are now tasked with defending the ship and basically do the same as you would previously, all personnel now have a goal to try spreading your disease more. The crew are all high functioning zombies, with some still unturned but disguised. Will the small humans left de convert all the zombies? Will the crew succeed in infecting more of NT and syndicate crew and ships or destory them all?

NT has gotten word of a strange ship in a sector, you are tasked to investigate. The ship hails saying how they will summon their god, how you will become brothers soon. When the ship is encountered an event begins where cult create a rift in space and pops up on the sector map, demonic ships start flooding into the sector at the origin of the rift. When encountering the rift sector strange waves of energy shoot out of the rift, demonic entities are now on ship. How will the crew survive and battle these demons while in a massive dogfight? Will they close the rift and stop the demonic invasion? After a while without closing the rift their cult god enters into reality. Could the ship be able to harm the god? Would all of the crew get converted instantly?

Nanotrasen is sending your ship on a mission along with others to attack a blob core home world. Deep into infected territory, blob ships patrol and try to spread infection by ramming and using on ship weapons to kill/disable invaders. The crew are tasked with destroying the entire planet being the host to the core.

The crew are all pirates looking for a score and to plunder loot from ships. The end goal is to get a certain ammount of credits. This crew would be not really bound by any rules in behavior and essentionally act like pirates taking trophies and being ridden by greed/personal gain. Good for lrp players, its nice to mix things up and this opens creative rp opportunities. Even if i have stated some gamemode style objectives might not be suited for nsv, i think change is good and to get away from what people are used to and bring in the new.