Dark Sectors - AKA brazil sectors

The Syndicate have finally ditched the smouldering wreck of a planet once known as Dolos and has moved their base of operations to a new home, deep into uncharted space.

The Dark Sectors are a recently discovered set of three small, Syndicate-owned sectors far outside of Solgov territory, and even from any independent jurisdiction. Far enough, in fact, for them to get away with obfuscating the exact hyperlanes within each sector, alongside standard signal jamming that kills all contact with any sort of fleet command.

If you can even make it in, you’re cut off. You cannot call for the emergency shuttle, the cargo shuttle is unable to find you, and Whiterapids can’t even tell you where you are. Let’s hope you came prepared.

The FTL console is forced to revert to a significantly more low-tech UI. The only thing it can tell you is the ID of the hyperlanes near you and whether or not there’s a warp gate. If you want to find your way back, you’re gonna have to figure out which way you came from. But, if you find the Syndicate home, and if you get back home alive, you’ll all come home as heroes. Good luck.

Image demonstration:

Normal look:
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Boarding: Boarding crews can steal navigational data from fleet capital ships while in DS. Be fast when doing this, as once the syndies spot your ship, they’ll purge their navigational data. Thankfully their slow-as-fuck storage drives can’t delete stuff that fast.

Sectors: The reasoning for saying that these would be a set of 3 sectors instead of 1 large sector is because if you’re warping around randomly in there, you can just keep jumping until you find a hypergate. Hence, 2 hypergates per system. One that takes you back the way you came, towards home, and the other that takes you further in. :joker:

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this would be a great alternate game mode tbh

the intent is to have it be an optional super-high-value area that takes an absolutely ASCENDED crew in terms of skill to clear. The game mode would kinda be bad.