[DarkEmber45] - AtrapaCzlowieka - Permanent Ban Appeal //DENIED//

IC NAME: Eliot Scotfield
BYOND KEY: AtrapaCzlowieka
DATE OF BAN: 2022/10/31
DURATION OF BAN: permanent

REASON FOR BAN: “Rule 9 No Erotic or creepy actions. Rule 6 No slurs or ruining others fun.”
YOUR APPEAL: I was enjoying NSV experience so far and I would really like to play again. I met great people during the time spent here, and I’d love to play with them (and new people) once more! On other bee servers too. I apologize for all my wrongdoing as well as for hurting people’s feelings, I was trying to do my best playing my role. No player seemed offended by my behaviour, to be honest, and I didn’t feel like “runing others’ fun”. Also I did no ‘erotic or creepy action’, all I’ve done was joking around really. I was helping the crew and never tried to offend anyone. It’s also my first ban like literally anywhere, so idk, why the punishment is so harsh… Peace.

This appeal has been denied as regardless of if players were hurt by the actions they are still in the rules. However, with that being said you may try the appeal again in six months while having references from two other servers.