DarkEmber45 - Brzeczyk - Permanent Ban Appeal //DENIED//

DarkEmber45 - Brzeczyk - Permanent Ban Appeal

IC NAME: Amir Cabal Abimola
BYOND KEY: Brzeczyk
DATE OF BAN: 10/09/2022 (Round ID 5054)

REASON FOR BAN: “Round ID 5001 - Sexual harassment of players and racism. Permanent ban without appeal. Authorized by Altangy…”

YOUR APPEAL: Hey, Hi and Hello! First of all, let me explain that why I think I got banned. I started playing here after taking some time off from SS13 and I came here because I really love your codebase and the work each contributor is giving to this server. Because I took a break from playing this game, I got some things wrong (Of course I still did read the rules to refresh my memory) and I admit guilt that some of the things I’ve said might’ve came a little bit too harsh. If I’m not mistaken, I was banned because I had a long chat (from others perspective more like an argue) with the IPC XO while playing as MAA. For me it was nothing else but a word exchange, mostly because I’ve been playing munitions with the same IPC before and we had some casual and more or less fun conversations. I do admit that I’ve used some bad words, but as far as I can remember correctly, none of them were related to any of the race. I would never precieve this as “harassment” and it was more like joking, but I completely understand that the people that listened to us talking and/or admins could’ve taken it as something offensive. And if the IPC also thought I was attacking him, I sincerely apologize to you, I had no intent of making you uncomfortable, I personally thought you were rolling with it and that was the only reason on why I kept talking. I think the sexual harassment thing is completely out of the box. I would never think of sexually harassing/abusing someone on the internet, let alone a space roleplay game. I do admit I threw some jokes about genitals (I think?) but it was purely to underline the fact that it’s an IPC (of course it doesn’t have reproductive organs, duh?).

Even if, the administration did decide that I was guilty of racism and sexual harassment, I do feel a tiny bit of injustice here. I was never privately messaged via the in-game bwoink system before, If I were I would immediately stop what I was doing and try to work things out, even change my attitude and way of RolePlaying. Another reason why I think a permanent ban is a little bit harsh, is that I’ve never been noted/banned/punished on this server. And the fact that I was denied the possibility of appealing my ban on forums in the first place is also very weird, and it got me worried. I tried to message the Head Administrator of the server, but (I think) I was promptly ignored. Only after DMing the Project Lead I was able to get a chance of appealing (which I’m forever grateful).

So yeah. I do feel that the punishment for my actions was unjust. If the ban has to stay, I would at least like to ask to reduce it from being permanent. I do understand that I might’ve came out to some players as a dickhead, and for that I once again apologize and (if given another chance) I will make sure to redeem my name in the community.

So, having looked through logs, I find your “confusion” and “having read rules” to be rather puzzling, as obviously you would have noticed some of the key rules and perhaps reviewed your actions to them.

    1. Do not try and spoil the fun for other people.
      “Dickish” and “harassment” type of behavior is not allowed. This includes usage of in-real-life racist slurs in either OOC or IC. Variations of in-real-life derogatory, discriminatory, or racial slurs are not permitted regardless of origin when they are utilized in the context of that slur.
    1. Erotic/creepy stuff is not allowed.
      No form of erotic roleplay is allowed on the servers, including things that could be construed as sexual by unwilling participants.

Now you see, you would have had a warning about repeated derogatory references to human ethnicities and skincolor, assigned to pop up the next time you entered the lobby, however it came to light upon reviewing logs that you had also been consistently breaking rule 9 in many ways, eventually reaching a point where there was prompt banning as it was determined that it was entirely unreasonable to continue as things were.

For reference, let’s jog your memory with a sampling.
For rule 6 we have such examples as:


For rule 9 we have such examples as:

And Finally:

Now, already this is looking about unlikely for an appeal as a pig having wings. But I decided to do a quick check, see if this really was a first time thing and you maybe, just maybe, somehow had no idea about your actions. And what do I find, except you have some old slur bans, and a harrassment ban from earlier the same week on another server.

So yeah, reading through this, comparing it to your take on events, not only is this seriously egregious and persistent activity, but you also attempted to play down events and refused to introspectively look into it. I highly doubt things are going to change on your end inorder to improve. So I’m going to take out the ban sledgehammer and label this appeal as