[DarkEmber45]-Tacticaltuna657-Perma Ban for Acid Bombing //DENIED//

IC NAME: cant remember name
BYOND KEY: Tacticaltuna657
DATE OF BAN: 2022-09-18

REASON FOR BAN: Went around acid bombing and suicided in the elevator not as traitor then disconnected
YOUR APPEAL: I understand i wasn’t supposed to acid bomb anywhere but i just wanted to test acid grenades, i disconnected because i was tired (this was at 11 at night), i think a 4-6 month ban with a perma ban for Chemist (or from medical entirely) would be good to ensure i do not do it again while still eventually being able to play

Hi I was the one who made the ahelp you were not acid testing you acid bombed 3 public places and tried to plasmaflood med

Don’t remember attempting to plasmaflood medbay, all i did was throw a grenade at the place between sci and robotics (just chairs, vending machines and lights) then threw a grenade into an elevator with the intention of killing myself while minimising the damage

Denied, You have been allowed shorter bans in the past as well as two other job bans. However, You may attempt another appeal in six months if a vouch is provided along with the appeal. Thank you for playing on NSV, I hope to see you again in six months.